Pennsylvania Casino Fined For Serving Drunk Customers Alcohol

    Mount Airy Casino

    Gambling and drinking are certainly two activities that go hand in hand and casinos across the world serve alcoholic beverages, often free of charge, to their patrons in order to get them into the gambling mood. While this is no secret, there are many laws in place to make sure the casinos don’t abuse this method too much and one such law has just cost a Pennsylvania casino a $25.000 fine.

    Mount Airy Casino

    The casino in question is the Mount Airy Casino in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. The state is known as one of the frontrunners in the US gambling industry and the casino offers its patrons a host of gambling games in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere.

    However, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, who have examined the video footage from October 7, the casino got a little too friendly with one of their customers. The person in question entered the casino at 1 pm and began playing the slot machines and drinking.

    According to the report from the Gaming Control Board, the patron started showing sign of inebriation at around 10 pm, but the bartenders kept bringing him alcoholic drinks, 27 of them in total. The customer continued to drink and play a slot machine until he fell of his bar stool, making a scene at the casino.

    A Slap On The Wrist

    The Gaming Control Board decided to fine the casino $25.000 for the incident and forced them to pay a $2.500 fee for the investigation that took place, but all of this is just a minor slap on the wrist for the giant casino. Along with 11 other casinos in the state, the Mount Airy brought in $3.2 Billion in revenues, making the fine seem rather minor.

    In addition to this fine, the same board has served the casinos with another $165.000 in fines and fees, the largest one going to the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, who were fined with $50.000 for underage gambling.

    There was no comment by the casinos on either incident, suggesting they were very happy to pay the fine and move on without bringing any bad publicity their way.

    Are The Fines Too Rare?

    The question remains of whether the fine for this and other similar incidents is sufficient. Quite clearly, many casinos are using the technique of getting their patrons very intoxicated while they play, which certainly seems like a ploy to make them lose more of their hard earned money at the casino games.

    While the regulatory bodies are doing something to punish such casinos, it is unclear if these minor fines really have any impact on the casinos or if they should be significantly increased in order to make them actually matter to the casinos in question.

    The one thing to remember when playing in live US casinos is that if you are served with alcohol after already having enough, you can make your case for the casino cheating you as this gentleman did and if all goes well, the justice may yet be served.

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