Peter Magnus Karlsson Pleads Guilty to Racketeering Charges

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    Peter Magnus Karlsson, a Swedish businessman that’s been in the center of the media attention for a few weeks now, has pleaded guilty to racketeering charges concerning his involvement with illegal betting enterprise taking place at San Diego’s Lucky Lady Casino.Angry Judge

    Online Casino Monsters has recently published an exclusive interview with Karlsson who reached to us, feeling the mainstream media was turning his case into something it wasn’t. As Magnus underlined in this interview, most media outlets were only interested in publishing sensational titles, with very little regard for the actual truth. He felt all the hype, and false allegations were damaging his position and decided to reach to OCM, wanting to get the real truth out.

    In the interview, Karlsson explained his involvement with the entire operation was marginal at best. He also negated media statements, claiming he was on the run and hiding in Asia, as his whereabouts were never a secret. He explained he had every intention of facing his charges head on, and that’s exactly what he did a couple of days ago when he voluntarily traveled to the United States and appeared before the US court.

    Admission of Guilt

    Magnus Karlsson appeared before the US court on April 13 and pleaded guilty to being a part of a racketeering conspiracy which used two venues, Card Room in El Cajon and Lucky Lady Casino, as legitimate fronts to conduct illegal sports betting operations. Karlsson admitted to helping Sanders Bruce Segal, a lead defendant in this case, with financing his bookmaking operation. Segal accepted illegal bets from players from Arizona and California.

    Additionally, Magnus also admitted he gave Segal and others involved access to offshore sports betting sites based in Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Curacao, and even the UK.

    Special Plea Agreement

    The Swedish businessman appeared before the court on his own accord, and it is evident he got a special deal. He’ll face a separate trial, scheduled for July 9, while others involved with this case should face charges on June 26. Exact details of the plea agreement haven’t been released, but we know that the sum of $139,834 has already been confiscated from Karlsson, which is the amount he earned being a part of the illegal betting ring.

    Magnus couldn’t reveal any additional information about his deal either, as his Laywer  “has given him a muzzle,” preventing him from publicly discussing any relevant information while the investigation and trials are ongoing.

    The US Sending a Strong Message

    The lead FBI investigator in this case, Eric S. Birnbaum, didn’t try to hide his excitement with how things were developing. Apart from Karlsson, seven other defendants have already pleaded guilty to charges brought against them. Birnbaum emphasizes this is a clear indicator that racketeering organizations can no longer spread their nets across the world and escape the law. The FBI continuously works with other international organizations, making sure criminals are brought to justice, no matter where they try to hide.
    A similar sentiment was echoed by Alana Robinson, Acting US Attorney. She tried to convey a message that the time when criminal organizations could use offshore servers and cash couriers to avoid the law was gone. Those who violate American laws can rest assured they’ll be brought to the US to face the consequences, Robinson concluded.


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