Philippines Introducing Enhanced Security Measures in Casino

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    The government of the Philippines has been going all out on casino security measures lately. The latest novelty will see new uniformed cops in casinos, tasked with watching – other cops. The decision came after last week’s case of kidnap and murder. The victim was one of the local junket operators.

    Philippines Enhanced Security casino

    Possible Police Involvement

    The victim of the case in question was one Oscar/Carlos Tan. Tan was a junket operator doing his business from casinos in Manila. At one point, the police came in contact with the gang responsible for the crime. This led to the exchange of fire with several fatalities. Three of the gang members who were killed were current or former members of the police.

    Another gang member, also a police officer, was caught alive. It seems this officer indicated Johnny Orme, one of the police superintendents, as the gang leader. There is also evidence tying Orme to illegal money-landing activities at a couple of casinos in Philippines.

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    Too Many Cops Frequenting Casinos

    This isn’t the only case of this type to happen recently. In fact, casino-related kidnappings have been filling the Philippines’ media headlines for a while now. While this kind of behavior is nothing strange for gang members, the police involvement is certainly worrisome.

    This is the sentiment echoed by Ronald dela Rosa, the PNP director general. Dela Rosa explains that police officers are spending way too much time inside the casinos. Questions that he’s been asking are rather reasonable. Why are these cops inside the casinos so much? Are they there to gamble? If yes, where did they get the money from? If not, why spend so much time inside the casinos?

    According to dela Rosa, cops are clearly in the know about who is who in the casino and gambling business. The current evidence suggests that Orme wanted to expand his operation. He likely kidnaped Tan with the intention of taking over his portion of the junket business.Philippines Enhanced Security casino


    Introducing Intelligence Measures

    With all that’s been going on, director dela Rosa believes a much stricter control is required. He plans on putting cops inside the casinos and task them with watching other cops. That way, they’ll stay up to date about what’s going on. These measures could help prevent future crimes of this type or at least reduce their frequency.

    Kidnapping victims are usually foreign citizens. These are visitors from other Asian countries where gambling is illegal. South Korea, for example, reported 15 casino-related kidnappings in the past six months.

    Of course, this is just one of the latest developments involving the Philippines and the gambling industry. The country has been working around the clock to create a much more regulated environment. And, while it may seem like an uphill battle, the government certainly seems very resolved and determined.


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