Playtech set to launch the industry’s largest ever Live Casino studio

    Online casinos are nothing new, in fact, the online casino industry is already approaching its third decade on the web. There seems to be no slowing down in the growth of the industry however and more and more online casinos are launching every month.

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    One of the biggest breakthroughs in the online casino industry was the introduction of the so-called Live Casino a few years ago. The concept is simple yet quite ingenious. Online casino players who have signed up to an online casino can finally cross the old barrier between the virtual and the real.

    An old problem for online casinos, and one that software providers have constantly been trying to solve, is marrying the ability to play casino games anywhere and the most realistic experience possible. It is one thing being able to enjoy the convenience of being able to play top online casino games from your lounge, it is an entirely different thing being able to visit a real (brick and mortar) casino whenever you like.

    playtech platformsThe online casino industry has also incorporated the advances of the mobile communication industry into their offerings. Now, not only is it standard to be able to log in and play top online casino games from your home or office, you can now even log in on the go. Hardcore online casino players are able to play anywhere they like, on the bus, at their favorite coffee shop or anywhere else with a Wi-Fi or secure data connection.

    However, the real breakthrough has been the ability to bring a real live casino experience to virtual casino players. Up until recently, online casinos could only offer virtual table games. Top software brands such as Playtech did their best to make these as realistic as possible, with 3D animation and realistic casino sounds.

    However, despite their best efforts, the virtual table games still lacked the appeal and excitement that only a real brick and mortar casino can provide. It was not that surprising then, when the first live casinos were introduced to the online community. Live casinos feature real actual casino dealers and croupiers and offer players the feeling and excitement of a proper land-based casino.

    Playtech were right at the forefront of this new technology and now the casino Latvia’s capital, Riga playtech base for studiosoftware giant is in the headlines again. Playtech have recently announced that they will be opening the largest live casino studio that the online casino industry has ever seen. Playtech have chosen Latvia’s capital, Riga as the base for their brand new live casino studio. Playtech have also said that the new studio, which occupies 8,500 square feet, will include state of the art features in the most futuristic live casino studio anyone has ever seen.

    The massive studio space will house hundreds of casino tables including the largest variety of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker tables ever seen. Playtech will cover every angle possible on each gaming table with hundreds of High Definition digital cameras, giving players unprecedented coverage and access to live casino games.

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