Playtech Presents State of the Art HTML5 Live Roulette

    Playtech Presents State of the Art HTML5 Live Roulette thumb

    One of the leading players in the casino games supplier niche who outsources the games to numerous online operators, Playtech has come up with a new, redesigned version of their live virtual roulette tables. Roulette is one of Playtech’s primary products, and the company focused a lot of energy and resources on developing an improved game variation. This moved proved to be a huge success.


    Interest in Live Roulette Tables Surging

    Already very popular on the Playtech licensed casinos, live roulette tables have seen a massive increase in popularity after the redesigned game was presented last weekend. Within 24 hours, a majority of players has moved from the old live roulette version to the latest one, with many new players joining the action.

    Online casinos featuring Playtech games recorded longer session times and increased players’ satisfaction levels. This, naturally, led to a surge in revenues for these casinos. The early data seems to indicate the Playtech’s new roulette platform has hit the nail on the head.

    Extensive Testing and User Feedback

    In an attempt to develop live roulette tables custom-tailored to players’ wishes, with a particular focus on those playing from mobile devices, the Playtech development team spent a lot of time testing the game and analyzing players’ feedback.

    The solution they’ve come up with brings improvements in several important aspects. Primarily, players’ engagement has increased significantly as the games feature landscape and portrait views and players can easily see their bets on the table while a spin is active.

    Furthermore, the entire interface has been rehauled, placing buttons and other relevant features in such a way as to allow for quick and simple access without interrupting the game flow. The time spent testing and developing the new HTML5 roulette was apparently well spent, as a response from the players has been more than positive.

    More Games to Come Soon

    While the company focused on roulette as their first product to undergo the full redesign, Playtech is clear in their intentions to keep innovating and offering unique online gambling products. Revamped HTML5 blackjack tables are next on the agenda, and they should become available before the year’s end.

    The Playtech Live Head of Innovation Kevin Kilminster expressed his satisfaction with the response to the new roulette games. The product simultaneously improves the players’ experience and increases revenue for the licensees, which means the company has met and exceeded the expectations they had for the launch.

    According to Kilminster, Playtech’s HTML5 roulette represents the best live roulette experience players can enjoy on any online casino out there.

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