Playtech’s Omni-Channel Slot Lets You Play Anywhere, Anytime

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    Playtech is one of the oldest online casino software brands in the industry and is second only to Microgaming in this regard. The brand were virtually at the birth of the online casino industry in the mid to late nineteen nineties and have seen and done it all. The Playtech brand are also synonymous with innovation and quality and have led the way in just about every aspect of the online casino industry.

    playtech Marvel Comics franchise

    Playtech live to push the boundaries and were one of the first software brands to introduce online live dealer casino games to the main stream, along with mobile casino gaming and much more. The brand are also a first choice for many online casino gamers when it comes to online slots. Playtech have offered a range of cutting edge online slots over the years including their incredible themed video slots which include the Marvel Comics franchise, top progressive jackpots and much more.

    Recently the iconic brand set their sights on an entirely new challenge, playtech slotscreating online slots that offer 24/7 access along with complete instant access across all platforms. The technology is called Omni Channel Development and, the brand are taking this new technology so seriously, they’ve brought in extra help.

    Over the past two years, Playtech have hired over six hundred additional personnel, just to work on developing and perfecting various aspects of the Omni Channel technology. To date, there are currently over four thousand specialists in all sorts of technology fields working for the casino gaming software giant all over the world.

    A significant portion of this new talent has been dedicated to developing a variety of specialist products for Omni Channel through Playtech’s own ONE Team. The result of Playtech’s dedication, drive and focus is starting to pay off as can be seen by the brands recent release of their first full Omni Channel slot game, Tiki Paradise.

    tiki paradise slotTiki Paradise may look like a regular five reel slot at first glance, but the fact is, is that this is the industry’s first truly multi-platform digital slot. What this means is that the slot can be accessed via desktop, mobile casino and physical street level betting terminals.

    While the idea behind Omni Channel Technology has been around in the online gaming industry for quite some time, Playtech are changing the game by incorporating actual physical machines or betting terminals into the cross platform equation.

    What this ultimately boils down to is that players of games like Tiki Paradise will be able to enjoy the exact same gaming experience regardless of whether they choose to play at home on their laptops, on the move on their mobile devices, or in actual betting shops in city centers.

    What is even better is that these players will be able to enjoy enhanced rewards and bonuses thanks to the built in Omni Channel Technology. In other words, players will get to unlock different rewards and bonus opportunities by using the different linked platforms.

    The best part about this is that players will get the exact same experience no matter when or where they log on to their Omni slot game. This is the true power and beauty of Playtech’s ONE platform, it allows players to access enhanced rewards such as free spins from the retail platform or the online platform in exactly the same way.

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