Poker Proves to be Difficult for Grospellier

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    In a recent interview, Bertrand Grospellier says poker is now much more difficult as compared to the time he was first introduced to the game. Grospellier discusses his transition from esports to poker and how he quickly managed to adapt to poker.

    Grospellier is one of the few PokerStars Pros who has not been fazed by fame and fortune, he has managed to keep a cool and calm head ever since he started to earn 6 to 9 figures each year on live poker games. The 36-year-old French poker player earned over $13 million ever since he ventured into poker, and is the most revered and successful poker player from France who shares history with 6 other players. He is also known as the only player to have won the Triple Crown i.e. World Series of Poker (WSOP), European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour.

    Speaking on the sidelines after the PokerStars Championship in Barcelona, Spain, Grospellier talks about his journey in the Poker world.

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    On his transition from esports to Poker– Grospellier attributes pure luck to be the reason which led him from esports to Poker. He was first introduced to Poker in 2003 by a friend of his who had started playing it in the US. At that time, Grospellier was based in South Korea where he was living decently as a gamer. Due to his insatiable desire for learning new stuff, Grospellier checked the new game ‘Poker’ and his love and admiration of the game began.

    On the reasons which made him quickly adapt to Poker– Grospellier says that he did not have much difficulty learning the ropes in Poker. This was mainly as a result of the many similarities between esports specifically StarCroft (his favoured game) and Poker. Poker much like StarCraft is competitive and you are oblivious of your opponent’s strategy for the entire duration of the game.

    On the reasons why many players switch from esports to Poker– Grospellier admits that esports still has a huge following. He says that the chief reason why many professional gamers switch from esports to Poker is that Poker is much more lucrative in comparison with esports. Once you make a name for yourself in the Poker world, you get chances of entering good paying tournaments.

    On his style of play– Grospellier concedes his style of play has changed over the years. During his early years, he was more aggressive but now he is more calculative. He believes that in the modern play, it’s more important to be unpredictable than to play every hand and expose your style.

    Poker Proves to be Difficult for Grospellier interview

    On the reasons why there was a sharp fall in his yearly winnings between 2014 to 2017- Grospellier attributes a number of factors to be behind this. Partly, there is the issue of variance which affects any player no matter your skill level. Also,Grospellier says that he was not devoting much time to live poker during this period as he had included Twitch on his schedule.

    On his play during the One Drop at (WSOP) -Grospellier says that he was able to win big during the One Drop mainly due to his position during the tournament, chip leader.

    On his views with regards to modern Poker– Grospellier states that Poker nowadays is much more difficult. This he states is due to different factors including advanced skill level and also rigid regulations and restrictions governing the game.

    On who was the most difficult hand he ever faced-? Grospellier says Phil Hellmuth was the most difficult hand he ever faced. Grospellier was referring to the match he played Hellmuth during the One Drop.

    On which title was the most difficult to win– Grospellier says the (WSOP) was the most difficult title that he ever won. This was because he was facing for the first time in a casino Seven Card Stud and the match itself was one of the longest he has ever played.

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