PPPoker Team Member Borge Dypvik Making Some Noise

    PPPoker Team Member Borge Dypvik Making Some Noise

    The PPPoker Team may be fairly young but it contains some serious potential in its ranks as proven by Norwegian Borge Dypvik, who’s made a couple of noticeable scores on the live circuit just lately and we fully expect the Norwegian will keep going strong in the months to come.

    The King of Open Face Chinese

    Open Face Chinese Poker may not be as popular as Texas Hold’em or Omaha but it is definitely a game with some following and some players simply enjoy it a lot. Borge Dypvik is one of those players, who’s had some very notable OFC tournament results.

    Borge doesn’t like to miss out on any OFC events if he can help it and he usually places quite high. His best result as of late came at the Coolbet Open in Tallinn, Estonia, where Dypvik went all the way and claimed the title in a €220 OFC Pineapple event earlier in October. He outlasted the field of 32 players, earning €3,490 for his efforts.

    Interestingly enough, he finished the runner-up in the very same event just a few months earlier, netting just over €2,000.

    Great Run in Malta

    At the start of November, Dypvik decided to try his luck in the €550 Grand Event of Malta Poker Festival and ended up creating some serious fuss on the island. The Norwegian managed to finish the Day 2 of the event as a strong chip leader and it seemed like he was poised to go all the way.

    With some ups and downs during Day 3, Borge did make it to the final table of the tournament and although he had some catching up to do with bigger stacks seated around, he was in with a decent shot at the title.

    Unfortunately, poker gods seem to have abandoned him at the final table as he couldn’t find the much needed double up. His pocket Sixes were no match for pocket Jacks of Fabian Gumz and the board provided no assistance, either. So, Borge’s great run in Malta Poker Festival was brought to an abrupt end, but he did pocket €20,600 for his efforts, which is nothing to sneeze at.

    More Success from PPPoker Members to Come

    With the PPPoker Team being so young, there will certainly be many more successes down the road and plenty more final tables and big titles in the books. Players like Borge Dypvik are the ones who know what it takes to go all the way in a big tournament so with just a bit of positive variance, there is no doubt, he has a very bright poker future ahead of him.

    After all, with more than $380,000 in live tournament cashes, Borge has already proven he’s got what it takes and he’s the master of lesser-known games like OFC, where he’ll definitely be looking for his chance.

    Borge isn’t the only team member with an impressive track-record. Jon Kyte, another Norwegian, is another PPPoker ambassador who has had some notable successes during his career. With a total of $463,000 in live cashes and his biggest cash coming from the victory in Nordic Poker Championships to the tune of €240,000, Kyte has been around the block.

    Apart from his tournament success, the Norwegian has also made his mark in London last year, during the 2017 Cash Game Festival. He took home a trophy for winning most big blinds during the feature table play alongside a few grand for his great performance. Kyte will be joining PPPoker Team in Copenhagen, looking to continue his successful run.

    We are looking forward to more news like this, involving members of PPPoker Team in the near future. This is really the best way of actually seeing our vision of making poker dreams come true become a reality!

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