PPPoker World Cup

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    World Cup In Manila

    Taking place February 15 through 21, 2019, the PPPoker World Cup will take place in Manila, Philippines, at the Resorts World Manila. Over the course of seven days, there will be a total of 16 events taking place at the resort, including the Main Event, with the guarantee of 20,000,000 PHP (around $380,000).

    The Main Event

    The Main Event features a buy-in of 55,000 PHP and there are three starting days (Day 1), on Saturday, February 16, Sunday, and Monday. All survivors from the initial three flights will meet for Day 2 taking place Tuesday, February 19. The play will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, culminating in the final table and crowning of the champion on Thursday, February 21.

    All players will start with a stack of 30,000 chips and the first level of 50/100. All levels will last for 60 minutes, so there will be plenty of play in the PPWC Main Event. Antes will be kicking in fairly quick, though, at the start of Level 3, which is something to consider when planning your playing strategy.

    Players are allowed to re-enter the Main Event but only buying into one of the next scheduled initial flights. So, if you’re eliminated during Day 1 on Saturday, you’re allowed to enter again on Sunday and/or Monday.

    Team Norway

    Tor Anton Welo in Team Norway PPPoker

    Team norway ppp consists of several people playing poker for a living since the early days of internet poker.Most of them are cashgame specialists, but they also have multiple norwegian champions with strong names such as: Henrik Tollefsen, Ørjan Skommo,Tor Anton Welo and Thomas Syversen.Theese 4, and most of the team, comes from one of the strongest poker communitys in Norway, (Trondheim) with Martin Rottem Dahle, Thomas Fløan and Markus Garberg who is also taking the trip for team Norway.Team captain Børge Dypvik and young gun Isac Mikalsen, both from Narvik, rounds up this strong lineup and they are aiming for first place.

    Børge Dypvik in Team Norway PPPoker

    Special Teams Event

    In addition to the Main Event of The PPPoker World Cup, PPPoker is looking to bring some spice to the whole thing by introducing a special Teams Event, where player teams will be competing against other teams from all over the globe. The tournament features a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000,000 PHP, so there will be plenty to fight for.

    The buy-in for a team is 550,000 PHP, but there are nine players in each team, competing in three different game types over the course of the tournament. Points will be awarded according to the announced score board, while the games included in the Teams Event are:

    • 6-max Sit and Go (10,000 starting stack & 30-minute levels)
    • Double Heads Up (10,000 starting stack & 20 minute levels)
    • Heads Up (20,000 starting stack & 120 minute levels)

    Eight best-placing teams from Day 1 will advance to Day 2. Top two teams from Day 2 will advance to the final day, Day 3, where they will skirmish for the title.

    The Teams Event will definitely be an interesting one as it creates a very different and entertaining atmosphere where players will need to work together and figure out how to best approach each and every game type in the mix to score most points and go all the way to the finals.

    Qualify Now via PPPoker App

    If you’d like to be a part of PPPoker World Cup Championship, you can win your seat online, playing on PPPoker app. There are many different chances to qualify for a poker experience of a lifetime playing from your phone. There are Global Tournaments running in the app right now and if you get involved, you’ll have a good shot at being one of lucky players to join PPPoker inaugural World Championship in Manila in February.

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