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    English Premier League is one of the oldest and most prestigious football competitions in Europe. With the majority of world’s football stars among both the playing and coaching staff, this competition attracts more public interest than most other sports events in the world.

    Premier League betting is one of the favorite pastimes for hundreds of thousands of Brits and millions of people around the globe. When those magic Premier League weekends roll in, for many men around the world, it is as if the time has stopped and there is hardly anything more important than watching the match and placing those bets to follow.

    EPL betting is now made much easier with online bookmakers providing an opportunity to place Premier League bets from the comfort of your home while lying back and watching the matches.

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    Premier League Betting Markets and Bookies

    The United Kingdom has long been known as a haven for online betting. With the majority of the world’s leading bookmakers having their seats in the UK, it is no wonder that Premier League betting is at the top of every betting shop’s offer out there.

    Leaders in the sportsbook industry all offer Premier League betting as one of their prime betting markets. Once you open the EPL tab, you may well be surprised with how many Premier League betting markets you will find under each game.

    For Premier League games, pretty much every bookmaker out there will provide you with a chance to bet dozens of markets and make hundreds of specific selections. All of these come at varying odds, but fortunately for punters, there is no limit to how many bookies you can join, meaning you can always have the best odds for each selection you make.

    EPL Betting Tips:

    When betting on the Asian handicap markets, if two teams are quite equal more or less, the team playing at home will generally get a -0.25 spread. Understand Asian handicap and take advantage of value betting when you bet early.

    Take advantage of arbitrage betting possibilities. the EPL is a high-liquidity market and assuming you have an edge, you’ll get so many chances to make a sure profit out of every bet.

    Premier League Betting tips

    Team in the Premier League play at 100% until the last round, regardless if they are relegated already or mathematically crowned champions. Every match and every point counts, so never underestimate teams that seemingly play for nothing but pride.

    Watch as many live games as possible and highlights for every game. This will help you better understand this market and help you become a better punter at estimating team’s chances.

    Rake advantage of the many free bets and bonuses specifically offered for the Premier League. They might not be exactly large but it will still help increase your betting bankroll.

    Understand manager’s philosophy. What do they do in certain situations, how they react and what decisions they take? Know who the manager is and find out how the team will play. This can turn out to be a big advantage when betting on the EPL.

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    Bonuses and Promotions

    With Premier League being so popular among football and betting fans alike, betting sites have made it a center of their promotional offers. Major bookies such as Betfair, Ladbrokes, and Bet365 all provide special promotions, free bets and bonuses during Premier League weekends and matchdays.

    Whether they come in a form of free money, risk-free bets or enhanced odds, bookmakers tend to give away quite a few promos to Premier League betting aficionados. This is naturally due to an extreme number of bets being placed on Premier League matches week in and week out, making it a very lucrative competition for the bookies.

    Understanding English Premier League Odds

    We have been mentioning odds throughout the scope of the article and we know there are some of you still asking yourselves what it is we mean by odds. Well, this section is designed to help elaborate on this concept and will definitely help you understand what the Premier League odds are. Understanding odds will help you as a bettor in firstly, understanding the array of betting markets and secondly how to make money by taking advantage of these markets and their odds.

    Premier League Betting odds

    Okay, let us get started. The first thing bettors will need to know is that bets in EPL betting can be distinguished between outright bets and betting on individual games and matches. The out-right bets are specific outcomes, this could be either betting on the winner of the cup, the two teams that will be in the final; whilst the individual games consist of betting on the outcomes of specific matches. There are essentially three betting outcomes in football, these are a win, a loss and a draw. With betting on wins, they can further be divided into home wins or away wins, this is because in football most teams are most likely to win when they are at home in front of a home crowd.

    The other type of bet is called the Asian handicap bet, this bet forms part of individual game betting rather than out-right bets. Bettors are betting on winners carrying forward a handicap goal or point. Lastly bettors can bet on the number of goals they believe will be scored during the game. This can either be the final outcome, i.e. for both teams or the number of penalties it will take to win the game.

    The betting odds will consistently increase and decrease per team or per match during the course of a season. This is because certain teams start to take leading positions on the point table and become more likely to win, the odds then become much higher for these teams. As the league draws near to a close and there are let’s say four teams left, betting on the outcome of the Title win and being right has some awesome payouts. It is also good to know that if you bet on the Title winner in the preliminary stages of the league and you bet correctly you can make a whole lot money. Using odds and understanding them when betting in EPL is to your advantage, you want to ensure your strike when the iron is still hot. Also in football, there tend to be specific teams that are far more likely than others to take home the ultimate prize, knowing this can be an advantage for punters.

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    How and Where to Place Premier League Bets

    With online bookmakers, it has become extremely easy to get into Premier League betting. Several clicks of the mouse are all that separates you from placing your first Premier League bet with one of the major betting sites online.

    With an extensive number of deposit methods on offer and customers from all around the world welcomed, there are few limitations for Premier League betting fans. Simply find the bookie that you can trust and find the most convenient for your needs, or spread your bankroll across multiple bookmakers and start your betting right away.