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    Progressive slotsFor many online slots fans, progressive slots, or jackpot slots, represent the ultimate online slots challenge thanks to the incredibly attractive opportunity to transform an average lifestyle into that of a millionaire’s overnight. Visit just about any online casino, and you will no doubt notice that the progressive online slots games seem to always take center stage and it is almost impossible for your eye to not be drawn to them. Jackpot slots are incredibly intriguing as you watch that jackpot total steadily growing with every passing second, how can one not take up the challenge and try your luck with a few spins to try your luck?

    Progressive Slots Game Reviews:

    History of Progressive Slots

    Ever since the introduction of the very first slot machines in the late 1800’s each successive iteration of the slot machine has improved considerably over previous versions. The launch of the world’s first video slots online in the end of the nineteen seventies changed the way that slots were played forever, and many experienced slots players believed that they had witnessed the birth of the ultimate slot machine. However, during the late nineteen seventies and the early part of the nineteen eighties, video online slots designers were adding more and more features to their video slots, to not only progress the format but also to stay one step ahead of their competition.

    Progressive slot machineVideo slots began to offer more and more attractive features such as bonus rounds and additional video screen and extra free spins, but the true breakthrough came with the introduction of the very first progressive slots into brick and mortar casinos in Vegas and other premier casino destinations. The concept of the progressive jackpot broke new ground and introduced slots fans to an entirely new concept of winning a big jackpot. The idea was incredibly simple yet incredibly attractive and, potentially highly lucrative.

    Jackpot slots were online video slots that had an additional progressive jackpot attached to them which only meant that, as each person who put money into them, the progressive jackpot would grow by a percentage of that bet. This meant that, unlike regular video slots with fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots had the potential to grow and grow, seemingly without limitation. Several varieties of progressive slots were introduced over the years including standalone slots which meant that the progressive jackpot was only contained within a single machine, local network slots which linked several slots together and wider networks, linking several online casinos together.

    Today jackpot slots are among the most popular of all video slot types and certain jackpot titles such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah has become world famous with news of massive winners. In fact, Mega Moolah held the Guinness Book of World Records title for largest payout in the history of progressive slots online with a payout of close to $20 million going to an English player who won off just one single spin!

    Progressive Slots Rules

    The vast majority of progressive slot machines follow the same basic rules and gameplay as just about any other type of slots. Generally speaking, jackpot are five reel video slots at their base game, although there are one or two versions of popular jackpot slots that take on the three reel format of classic slots. Progressive slots are therefore standard five reel video slots with the bonus of a progressive jackpot. This means that they game can be played in the same way as any other five reel video slot in their base game stages and follow the same rules. These rules including how to bet which extends to being able to select the coin size and number of active pay lines per spin (on most progressive online slots).

    The real difference, however, comes in with the progressive jackpot portion of the slot game as the majority of progressive slot machines require players to bet the largest coin size (denomination) as well as activating the maximum number of pay lines per spin, in other words, betting on max on ever spin. This is the only way that players can qualify for the main progressive jackpot prize, and the easiest way to do this is to just click on the ‘bet max’ button on every spin. Some progressive slots also include a second non-progressive jackpot for players that prefer not to bet on max on every spin.

    Tips For Playing Progressive Slots Online

    Generally speaking, the same sort of playing tips that apply to standard video slots will also be good for progressive jackpot games. The real beauty of progressive jackpot games is that there is no need to apply any additional special skills to win the progressive jackpot, making the game very easy to transition to from standard five reel video slots or even simpler classic three reel slots. Check out the following handy tips that will help to not only get the most out of your slots experience but will also ensure that you get the most out of every spin.

    • Pace yourself: Playing jackpot slots is a bit different than playing standard video slots as players are required to bet at max on every spin. It is, therefore, important to always pace yourself and do not try to rush through each spin, thinking that the faster you go, the quicker you can get to the potentially massive progressive jackpot. Take your time and enjoy each spin, you cannot guarantee that any spins will net you the jackpot any sooner so rather pace yourself and enjoy the game.
    • Keep an eye on your bankroll: Strict bankroll management is even more important when playing progressive slots that it is when playing standard five reel video online slots. This is because each bet has to be on the maximum coin and maximum pay lines. This combination can be very expensive per spin depending on the progressive jackpot slot being played, and it is very easy to deplete funds very quickly.

    Popular Progressive Slot Games

    For a long time in progressive slots history, Microgaming has been right at the top of the industry and has produced a string of highly lucrative and highly successful progressive online slots. Many of Microgaming’s jackpot slots have captured the imagination of online gamblers all over the world with captivating titles including:

    Software Providers For Progressive Slots

    As mentioned above, Microgaming is still the undisputed kings of jackpots online although there are some other casino software providers challenging Microgaming for the title. Playtech is an online software brand almost as old as Microgaming, and their top titles include their massively popular Marvel Comics jackpot slots series. NetEnt, as well as one or two other software brands, also offer progressive slots with their unique take on the genre.