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    Race for glory

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    The world of the online casino has always been a highly competitive one. Players compete with the casino to try and beat the bank, and compete with each other to try to win the hand. Even the casinos themselves are in constant competition to try to attract new customers and to provide the exciting and compelling experience needed to retain their existing members.

    This has led to a huge range of bonus offers, including free spins and deposit match deals, as casinos try to provide an irresistible deal. The problem is that there are now so many of these offers, that they no longer stand out from the crowd. Casino bonuses are no longer hopefully searched for, they are automatically expected. Online casinos are having to try harder and harder to be original and stand out from the crowd. Now PokerStars Casino, one of the sister brands of the famous poker platform, along with their sports betting site, has come up with a novel way of achieving just that with their brand new casino races.

    What are casino races?

    Casino races are just that – races between players on slots, and on other games, to see who can win the biggest return in the time allowed. Registration is free but players must opt in to the race in order for their progress to count. Players then play the nominated game in the normal way, keeping anything they win, but if they’re registered for the race, they can also collect points and win prizes.

    What games are included?

    Casino races cover both slots and card games, with all the top slots included at one time or another. That means that you can go for the life-changing jackpot on Millionaires Island, knowing that even if you don’t win the coveted millions, you could still win the race. Other popular slots in the races include Age of the Gods, Rise of Merlin, Twin Spin and 5 Lions Gold.

    How long do the races last?

    Races can last for anything from fifteen minutes to twenty-four hours, with new races starting throughout the day. Each upcoming race has a countdown clock that shows potential players how long there is left to register, while each race in progress shows how long remains in that particular competition. The race cards also show how many players are taking part in each race. The number of people you are racing against varies from race to race, with shorter, fifteen-minute races attracting fewer competitors, while the twenty-four hour races tend to attract more.

    casino race to the top

    How do the races work?

    Once they have registered and the race has started, players place bets on the selected game in the usual way. Points are awarded for successful players and shown on the leader board. Whoever is top of the leader board when the game ends is declared the winner. Each race has its own rules, minimum stake and leader board, and players need to check the unique terms and conditions of each one before they play.

    How do I win points?

    Points are awarded as total accumulated multipliers over 20 spin or 20 hand segments within each race. The amount won on each hand or spin is divided by the stake and multiplied by 100. The highest accumulated score over each segment is applied as points on the leader board.

    What can I win?

    The casino races have 20,000 free spins to give away every day. Each race has a different prize, with longer races offering higher prizes. For example, a fifteen-minute race may award a total of 300 free spins to the top places on the leader board, while a twenty-four-hour race may have a thousand or more points to give away. Prizes are awarded immediately after the race has finished.

    Why play casino races?

    Casino races are free to enter, so you have nothing to lose by taking part, and you could win hundreds of free spins if you are amongst the top players. If you are logging on to enjoy a few spins anyway, being part of a race will add to the excitement, especially if you hit a winning streak and start to see your name rising up the list. Even if you don’t win, casino races will bring a new dimension to your gameplay, appealing to the competitive side of every casino player.


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