Rainbow Riches Slot

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    Rainbow Riches Slot

    Rainbow Riches slot, a casino online game by Barcrest asks a centuries-old question. What’s at the end of the rainbow? Drawing back on the Irish tradition, Rainbow Riches is one of those fairly simple, but very thrilling slot machines. It makes your online casino experience simple and enjoyable. It’s a perfect example how one can make a thrilling casino online game without making your head spin.

    Online Casinos Offering RainbowRiches Slot

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    Where to Play Rainbow Riches?

    Like most slot machines, Rainbow Riches can be played at a number of online casino venues. Since this casino online game doesn’t come from such a big-name supplier, you’ll need to make sure your favorite online gambling venue does have it in its game library. If not, you can look around and find many casino online operators who do feature Barcrest games.

    However, thanks to its growing popularity among slot machines and in the online casino arena, RainbowRiches online casino game has also found its way into land based casinos and even regular bars. Playing in a bar can be quite different to online gambling, and if you have a chance, you should definitely give it a try. Sip a few drinks while chasing your pot of gold and see what happens. Just make sure to be careful with your cash because gambling in a bar can empty your wallet faster than you could ever deplete your online gambling bankroll.

    Rainbow Riches Slot: Basic Info

    Like many online casino slot machines, Rainbow Riches slot features 20 paylines. This is usually just the right number where the game is exciting enough but doesn’t make tracking your wins impossible. However, the number of individual symbols is smaller than in most casino online games.

    • Regular symbols: A, K, Q, J, 10
    • RainbowRiches Logo (stacked): a line of 5 pays 250 x the line bet
    • Gold Coin (Wild): substitutes for all but bonus symbols; full line pays 500 x the line bet
    • Bonus symbols: Leprechaun, Wishing Well, Pot of Gold

    Compared to most slot machines in casino online game libraries, slot will be much easier to keep track of. Most of the payline wins are there just to help you get by, waiting for the big win. Rainbow Riches slot is all about bonus games, and these can contribute to making your online gambling experience a memorable one.

    Graphics & Atmosphere

    Rainbow Riches Slot

    Set on the backdrop of a bright rainbow, this online casino slot is designed to relax and have fun. Although it misses some of the pompous effects of new slot machines, it still provides a great online gambling environment. Colorful symbols and sounds fitting the theme will help you get the most out of every minute spent at a casino online.

    The base game is not too rich in animations, but bonus games certainly don’t lack them. Online casino game developers certainly understand the importance of nice animations in slot machines for your overall online gambling experience. You’ll see leprechauns dancing to traditional Irish music, spinning the wheel, and running around like there’s no tomorrow. Those looking for a different online gambling experience should give Rainbow Riches a try. It isn’t so popular among slot machines players for nothing.

    How to Play & Win Big

    As mentioned in the introduction, this is a 20-paylines online casino slot. The number of lines is not fixed like with so many other online casino slot machines so you can play anywhere between one and twenty. The wager per line is not set in stone, either. You can play anything from $0,01 to $20, making this one of those casino online slot machines equally attractive to casual online gambling aficionados and high rollers.

    Setting up your stake and number of lines is easy. There are two boxes at the bottom of the game display where you can set everything up just right. Two boxes on the right will display your total bet as well as your latest win. That way, you can relax and enjoy your casino online adventure to the fullest, as everything is displayed neatly. This isn’t one of those online casino games that will make you keep your eyes peeled.

    Apart from the bonus games described further in the text, your big wins in slot will come from stacked game Logo symbols. This is where this online casino game is different from most other slot machines with complicated pay tables. You are looking for a wall of RainbowRiches logos, possibly helped by a few Gold Coins.

    While you may get lucky to land a combo like this, bonus games are a heart and soul of this online casino slot. Online gambling with slot machines is just so much more enjoyable when you constantly get one bonus game or another, where you can win big every single time. That’s why free spins with multipliers are so popular, for example. Although this slot machine doesn’t feature free spins as such, other features more than make up for it.

    Bonus Games & Features

    You won’t find many online casino slot machines featuring the number of bonus games present in slot. Every few dozen spins, you’ll likely trigger another feature, making your online gambling experience simply awesome. In fact, given enough time, this just might become your new favorite casino online slot.

    Road to Riches Bonus

    Of all bonus features available with this online casino game, you’ll trigger Road to Riches most often. The feature starts when three green-hat Leprechauns make their appearance anywhere across five reels. You may think you’ll get the usual round of free spins like with most online casino slot machines, but you’d be mistaken.

    Instead, you’ll be taken to a long journey and will have to struggle every step of the way, but riches await those who make it all the way. A small leprechaun will appear on the left side of the screen. He will spin the wheel, determining the number of fields you get to move forward. Numbers are between 1 and 6, with two ‘Collect’ slots. Every new spin will add to the excitement of your online gambling adventure.

    Every step forward means a bigger multiplier. You start with 1x, and at the end of the trail, a 200x multiplier is awaiting. While this may not seem huge compared to some other online casino slot machines, keep in mind the bonus feature triggers a lot. You’ll get to enjoy the time spent online gambling with Rainbow Riches slot tremendously, as you’ll have so many chances to win big.

    Once you reach the 15x multiplier, things get serious. The next one is 20x, followed by 30x, etc. Every step forward after the 15x is worth so much more. Once the wheel lands on ‘Collect,’ the bonus feature ends. You’ll win a prize equal to your total bet times the final multiplier. If you do reach the end of the trail, you will see a significant boost to your casino online funds.

    Rainbow Riches Slot info

    Pots of Gold Feature

    Another cool feature in this casino online slot, Pots of Gold works in a similar fashion to Road to Riches. To start this bonus, you’ll need to land three Pots of Gold symbols on three middle reels. When this happens, if you are a fan of Irish music, get ready for an amazing online gambling moment. You’ll be taken to a new screen where a leprechaun will dance surrounded by three different pots: golden, silver, and bronze, along with the sounds of fast and jolly music.

    When the music stops, pots will stop spinning, and the one in front of the leprechaun is the one you get. It contains a hidden number which will be multiplied with your total online gambling stake. Not many slot machines will pay you with song and dance, but that’s just the way Rainbow Riches likes to do things. After all, that’s the secret to the famous Luck of the Irish and winning at an online casino is just so much more fun when done this way.

    Wishing Well

    The Wishing Well feature can’t quite be called a game as such. When you stop three Wishing Well symbols, the main game will stop, and you’ll get to pick one Well. Wells also hide different multipliers, and you’ll get the prize equaling the multiplier times your total stake.

    As far as your online gambling experience goes, Wishing Well is not particularly exciting, but the main goal of playing slot machines is growing that online gambling bankroll. Plus, everything else about this casino online game breaths excitement.

    No Free Spins

    Although most online casino slot machines players are used to free spins, you’ll find none with Rainbow Riches. For a casino online game with so many bonus games, the lack of free spins is somewhat strange. Most likely, Barcrest slot machines designers figured free spins would be too much on top of all this online casino game has to offer.

    The absence of free spins may be a bit disappointing, but it isn’t a reason not to give Rainbow Riches a chance. It is among the funniest online casino slot machines out there. All the cool bonus features will make you forget free spins are not included. If free spins are simply something you can’t imagine slot machines without, maybe it’s a time to try and expand your area of interest. It is true we are all so used to free spins, but more and more new online casino slot machines are turning to other options.

    Wins & Payouts

    A theoretical Return to Player (RTP) with this casino online game is 95%. As far as online casino slot machines are concerned, this is right in the middle. While you will find higher paying slot machines in casino online game libraries, 95% is a respectable number. You won’t win all the time, but your online gambling bankroll should last you a while. Of course, like with any other online casino game, you should be playing wagers you can afford.

    Online gambling is primarily about a thrill of a big win. When playing Rainbow Riches at a casino online, the biggest jackpot you can hope to score is $200,000. This is, in fact, higher than most online casino slot machines that don’t feature a progressive jackpot.

    Since there are no free spins with a big multiplier, the jackpot win can only take place in the casino online base game. Fill the table with RainbowRiches logo symbols playing the maximum bet and see your online gambling bankroll grow beyond your wildest imagination.


    Special Features

    Rainbow Riches Bigpay

    If you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy this great online casino game in a different environment, or if you’ve seen some of the YouTube videos, you are probably aware the “land based” RainbowRiches game is different to its casino online counterpart.

    The biggest difference is the RainbowRiches Mega Spins features. This feature isn’t available in most online casino settings and offers an experience online gambling simply can’t provide. It even comes with a variation of free spins thanks to sticky wilds feature.

    With Mega Spins, you’ll pay $20 to spin the reels five times. During these spins, Pot of Gold symbol becomes both wild and sticky. This means the bar version of the game introduces a sort of free spins. When a Pot of Gold lands on the reels, it will stick to its position, initiating the first free spins round. If you find another Pot of Gold on the next spin, the next free spins round is initiated. Finally, if you land the third Pot of Gold, there are no more free spins, as you’ll enter the bonus feature.

    Instead of giving multipliers like at an online casino, the bonus feature here pays fixed amounts of money. The biggest jackpot you can win during one round of Mega Spins is $500. If you do hit the jackpot, all other winnings during regular and free spins are void, and you receive a lump sum of $500 even.

    There is an argument among players whether it is better to play slot at an online casino or a bar. While most slot machines are almost identical regardless of whether you play at a casino online or live, this one is different, as you can only win the fixed $500 jackpot playing land-based slot machines. However, some don’t see it as such a good opportunity as your other free spins winnings are void, which cuts into the RTP.

    On the other hand, you get to enjoy some free spins not available with online casino versions of these slot machines, and you stand a chance to win 25x your stake across five spins. In the end, it boils down to whether you prefer online gambling at an online casino venue or you love the feel of pressing that spin button on physical slot machines and crisp bills in your hands after a big win.

    Are You Ready for Some Fun?

    Hopefully, this extensive review gives you a good insight into online casino and land based varieties of Rainbow Riches. Quite different from most slot machines in casino online game libraries, this slot is for those who enjoy bonus games and special features. The only small downside is the lack of free spins round, but given everything else, the absence of free spins can be forgiven.

    Catering to casino online players of all shapes and sizes, slot will let you play for super small stakes or go for big money. One of a few online casino slot machines that can potentially pay as much as $200,000, slot can boost your online gambling bankroll quite significantly and make your online gambling experience truly memorable.

    If you prefer playing in a bar over online gambling, that shouldn’t be a problem, either. From an online casino environment, Rainbow Riches slot machines have found their way to many bars and pubs. If you put a little effort into it, you’ll have no problems finding one or two of these slot machines somewhere in your neighborhood.

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