Relic Raiders Slot Game Review

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    A quest for lost treasures is a fairly common theme for online casino slot machines. With their Relic Raiders slot game, NetEnt relied on tradition, going for a type of online gambling experience they knew players would love. As it turns out, they weren’t wrong.

    Of course, while the theme may be common for online casino slot machines, NetEnt knows how to make old appear new and create a superb online gambling experience. Masterful 3D graphics, exciting sound environment, and big winning possibilities make Relic Raiders one of the favorite choices of many casino online players across the globe.

    Relic Raiders Slot Graphics & Sounds

    Symbols in the Relic Raiders slot are exactly what you’d expect them to be with treasure-hunt themed slot machines. The main protagonist is an Indiana Jones looking fellow, while the rest of the symbols is made up of treasure chests, snakes, jewels, and crypt keepers. Set on a backdrop of a burial crypt covered in unsettling green mist, this is one of those slot machines that keep your imagination busy.

    Sound effects take care to round up the online gambling atmosphere in Relic Raiders slot. Keeping you always on edge, sounds in this casino online game make sure you never forget you’re on a quest for long-lost treasures with many dangers waiting along the way.

    Gameplay and Features

    Relic Raiders Slot

    This online casino games will let you go for a big payday if you so choose. Players can pick anywhere between 1 and 50 active paylines on any given spin in Relic Raiders slot. With casino online slot machines featuring 40+ paylines, you know a big win can always be just a spin away. A few well positioned Wilds combined with high paying symbols can quickly double up your online gambling bankroll.

    A special Bonus game will further boost your casino online gambling experience. It will start when you line up three Bonus symbols on a payline and will take you to secret tomb locations all over the world. Once there, you will smash urns hidden inside, looking for valuable relics. These relics also accumulate as you play and when you collect four of them, an online casino Mystery Game starts. This gives Relic Raiders a special flare and makes it stand out from the rest of slot machines out there.

    Apart from the Bonus game, there is also the free spins feature in Relic Raiders. As you’d expect with any number of online casino slot machines, the free spins round starts when you find three or more Scatters. The number of free spins is not fixed, and you’ll find out exactly how many free spins you won after clicking on one of the Scatters. During the free spins round, there is a changing multiplier in place, going as high as 5x. Playing all 50 lines, you could score a huge win during free spins with this casino online game.

    Final Words

    Overall, Relic Raiders is one of online casino slot machines you should definitely try. The theme may not be anything new for experienced casino online players, but beautiful graphics and big winning opportunities make it well worth your time. Your online gambling sessions with Relic Raiders will be very enjoyable.

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