ShadowBet Casino Review

We do like the online casino from ShadowBet. Whatever was the reason for the name Shadow is beyond us, even though colour choices and interface are reasonably elegant. However, menus and game choices are of the brightest colours and very inviting. ShadowBet has a comfortable and stylish shaded game environment. It is comfortable and relaxing to be around, as well as the site shows a kind of openness and honesty that is exemplary. We emphasize that all important information is easily accessible, understandable and clearly legible …thus without any possible means of misinterpretation. The site has full support for UK English, but is also translated into a number of other different languages. We are happy to see that all menus and support text are good, easily understandable and sensible.


ShadowBet online is managed by Damigur Holdings Limited , which is EU-registered in Malta. They are registered under enterprise number CRN: C68392 with address Fino Buldings , Notabile Road , Mriehel BKR 3000, Malta . Malta is an island state in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy. The local language is UK English, although some inhabitants also speak Maltese. Malta has been around casino operations for years, so the location is a safe choice.


Let’s start off with the license


ShadowBet Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and several others legal instances. Actually, all the necessary agencies are represented. From our standpoint, both the company and the casino are trustworthy and work out safely in every way possible. We understand good fun, but that the CEO on the help pages is presented to be a certain mister “Jack Pot” and the staff is the “Shadow Crew” is rather on the childish side, and belong among more “lightweight” operations. On the other hand; ShadowsBet a strong point out of being a secluded gaming platform for you with a somehow med public profile, and prefer gaming as a private act kept away from the public eye. That makes a strong selling point by us.


The actual site


We have thoroughly tested the PC / Desktop page of the casino, where a menu bar in the upper right corner activates the personal settings and the logo in the top left activates the different main menus. Seeking out the games you are looking for is easy and navigation is also made easy and convenient for you. The site is pleasantly free of annoying pop ups and moving gif banners. ShadowBet Casino has first of all kept an eye on the actual gaming experience, by noe includin all kinds of bells and whistles. ShadowBet has a wide range of games to select from. Their focus on quality is easily spotted, and we are pleased to see so many new games we have not seen before on here.


ShadowBet has a highly interesting stage bonus called ” Ouroboros “. It’s in simple terms a genious reward system. Along with that they also have some very generous bonuses on deposits. We didn’t play long enough to fully experience it to its full extent, but we do think the system level up seems exciting. We do hope and believe that it motivates players to be faithful to the casino, which both the game and the game provider benefit from. They are also completely “transparent” on all terms related to both levels, free spins and bonuses, which we unfortunately find all too rare. The casino also offers an impressive welcome bonus, as they easily grant you 50% bonus on both first and second deposit up to a limit of £ 50, – Not only that, they throw in one hundred free spins as well.

Site design and game appearance

ShadowBet offers a clean looking, easy and user-friendly design. We like the combination of colors for one. You will quickly notice that ShadowBet Casino has a style that single out simple expression and a dimmed down color combination, consisting primarily of grey and yellow. The combination of yellow and black is not that unusually seen, but here the yellow has got a little orange in it and the black is a bit grayish. Overall, you are left with a slightly more elegant feeling to it. Mosts important is less tension to you eyes.

The site looks first and foremost honest and serious to us. For the serious game player who is not here to “play games”, the page looks almost minimalistic perfect. It will definitely fulfil any expectations any serious casino player might have. We are pretty sure beginners will feel right at home too. ShadowBet Casino is the least boring site we have visited in a long time.


You will swiftly find plenty of real good entertainment on here. You also don’t have to click “more” to get more game slot suggestions. The page just loads more and more options as you scroll down and stops when you do. Simple, obvious and quite brilliant. ShadowBet Casino lets you easily navigate around the page, primarily using the menu on the right of the screen, teaching you how to know this online casino by heart.


The page menu allows you to easily jump between the following main menus:

Games, Promotions, Ouroboros (Level System) and Chat.

In other words, you can using only one click look up the section you are most interested in. We appriciate them having put games as one single choice. We also like that the chat function is always active, without taking up space or a second window in the main browser window. The whole experience feels safe, including and fun.

If you click on games you are transferred onto a white interface and a horizontal tab-based selection menu. Clear and elegant, may be not graphically consistent, it still works out quite well.


First choice is “featured”. If the largest jack pots are among your priorities and what keeps you going, you should check out this tab and even the “jackpot games” tab. On here you can clearly see where the greatest opportunities are hidden. Not everyone in the industry are equally good at making this information clearly visible.

As with all modern casinos ShadowBet Casino even offers “Slots”, “Table Games” and “Live Casino” with the same consistent search option. Briullint and easy. Here you may search for any game by name. They also have a drop down menu that easily displays developers and game providers.

They have highlighted “new games” in a separate section, and the numbers of games and all the choiced on here are extremely good.

You can anytime switch between languages by selecting a different flag in the upper right corner of the the main window. Whatever language you chose to display the site content in, any content is clearly explained and there is no room for misunderstanding.

The software and the games

In addition to a simple, elegant and reassuring design, ShadowBet Casino also offers the best from the industry leaders in terms of games and software. This is something that any modern casino player may expect from all online casinos, but ShadowBet delivers far beyond our wildest expectations. The selection of games to choose from on ShadowBet is huge and well presented in a very neat manner.

With such an array of games and game developers that is on this site, you will surely find something you like. Slot machines obviously make up the lion’s share of the game selection. The best part is that in all the games you may try playing for free by clicking on the icon and selecting the play-icon.
Once inside the application, you will be given a choice if you want to try the demo version. You do not have to sign up or share any personal information, until you feel safe and determined that you found something you are sure seems like fun. On some applications, you will be asked to activate flash. It’s a plug-in on your browser, which is easily activated or downloaded. Playing from a tablet or smartphone this is probably not an issue.

For those who really enjoy slot machines, there are really no games you won’t find at this casino. All games are thoroughly rated by previous players, so each game’s popularity is clearly visible. You will also see the RTP rating as you click on a game.

In addition to the slot machines, you will also find a huge number of other electronic table games as well as tables with live dealers and croupiers. The latter, however, requires you to register, and most interactive table games require Adobe Flash Player installed and activated.

The table games at ShadowBet Casino include several types of European roulette, several types of Black Jack, and a variety of different poker games. We also noticed a few new interfaces that are elegant, but not seen to often. Also, to our surprise, we found the classic Monopoly board game and the hysterically entertaining Monte Carlo Heist. The latter you just have to try out.


On the mobile or on tablet

Just like any other modern and reliable online casino, ShadowBet is available on all mobile devices. All the same menu options are present, with only small visual diversities and aspect ratios. The page load quite fast, even on a poor connection. All menus are clear and simple, and the games have large icons and clear images even on small screen devices. There is no app for downloading or any installation on your mobile device required, you just use the default browser included with your mobile.

The page seems well optimized for all kinds of mobile devices. You may sign up, log in and play no matter what kind of iPhone or Android device you use. Even on devices with high density 7 or 8-inch screens at full resolution (Galaxy 8+, 9+ and 10+ and Apple XS etc.) the page works really well.


Promotions and bonuses

There are many promotions at ShadowBet Casino. The level up system you really should look into. Here they have their own twist, that is for once not confusing. It just works as intended.

Firstly, you have an extremely generous welcome bonus of 50% on first and second deposit up to £ 50,- which also grants you 100 free spins  included in the purchase. Any conditions regarding the bonus are simple, fair and carefully explained.

Although there aren’t a whole lot of tournaments or any similar nonsense (please excuse us, but those things are not for everyone), still ShadowBet’s pay outs and winning rates are reliable, fair and frequent. Even the bigger winnings are displayed in a low-key and serious manner. No one wants their phone behaving like a digital lunatic in public, so this is a clear advantage.

Deposits and payments

In terms of deposits and withdrawals, all players have a good selection of serious payment methods at ShadowBet Casino. Available ways include all the major providers. You really don’t need any more to choose from. They are all on there.

Minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals are well displayed in a user-friendly way, and all carefully explained. There are no long lists of regulations and rules, but rather an arry of choices and options. The casino follows standard verification procedures prior to your first withdrawal.


Customer service

ShadowBet Casino has fast responding, personal and very polite customer service on their chat interface. You may send them an eMail or search through the FAQ page. You will receive good help by chat around the clock . They have a simple and easily understandable FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. The staff is effetive, swift and and polite, and they are always ready to help you with any questions and concerns you may have.



Round up

ShadowBet Casino is definitely an online casino worth a closer look. We especially enjoy the elegant, almost reserved interface. As serious gamers we are not gaming for anyones eyes but our own. We want peace and quiet, with just the right amount of excitement.

With the array of new games and the stylish and modern design, the vast majority of new and serious gamers will thrive on here. We may be minimalists, but we like to do one task at once, finish that and start over. We feel that we can do this without having to flee all kinds of bells and whistles.

Most important of all; ShadowBet Casino is in total a comfortable casino to play at. You may quit and come back whenever you like. The “Ouroboros” level system follows your profile whatever.

Including a good and safe selection of payment methods – and a really good selection of great new games to play without even register … and the lighting-fast withdrawals combined with a polite and helpful customer service, we bet ShadowBet Casino is a winner.


100% UP TO £100

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