Sky Bet Review

The UK is one of the biggest bookmaking markets. The different UK institutions compete for dominance in the market, so, it is no surprise that some of the biggest sites come from Great Britain. Sky Bet Sports is easily one of the biggest bookmakers in UK sports betting in the last decade. Their story can be traced back to 2002 before it was rebranded to SkyBet from BskyB Betting (telephone and online betting).

Regulation, Ownership, and Function

Sky bet Sports is the daughter company of CVC Capital Partners. Its majority owner with shares of 80%, and Sky plc, which owns the remaining 20% and is the UK wing of Sky Betting & Gaming. This is the new setup since 2015. The Sky Betting and Gaming Company also offers other branches which include SkyPoker, SkyCasino, SkyVegas, and SkyBingo.

SkyBet Sports holds the license of Alderney Gambling Control Commission which is seated in the Channel Islands. The main principles of the supervisory body which the bookmaker has is to respect provide guidance and support to people with gambling issues. Safe money transactions which are handled in a transparent manner and denying access to people under the age of 18. They are also registered in the UK and runs its operations as a UK institution. Unlike many other bookmaker companies who moved their seat to Gibraltar to enjoy the tax benefits.

Sky bet Sports betting is carried out online only. The UK site shifted completely to online services and operates via the most advanced technological software and tools. They offer a neat design with many features and numerous digital options which attract the large customer-base of this online giant.

The SkyBet Sports Website: Clean And Smooth

Sky Bet Sports page for review

Above all, they want their customers and bettors to feel safe, so they enabled proper website protection with the SSL system. Customer’s data, and especially financial information, will be protected from unwanted third parties.

The website features a friendly interface, and all the tabs for numerous markets are available with a single mouse click. The website layout is a navy blue bearing resemblance to other Sky brands in order to present uniformity and unity with the whole Sky products family.

Register And Enjoy the Extra Bonuses

Skybet welcome offer

The attractive welcome gift is a hard one to resist. They simply put cash into your account without any deposit needed. It represents a little “Thank You Gift” just for joining the site. The offer is not open at all times, but most UK fans will get a chance to make use of it at some point. Such an offer is also not often found with other bookmakers since almost every promotion or bonus requires a deposit. Well, this one does not, all you have to do is to join the community.

You get 30 days to make use of the temporary bonus. The offer is not limited to any kind of minimum odds or maximum payouts. You can use the cash for gambling on any wager of your choice. Of course, the bonus money cannot be withdrawn, but if you happen to win with the bonus, you are free to withdraw the winnings. There are also alternative bonus forms if you are looking for higher bonus amounts. Check them out in the promotion section.

Place Bets At Best Odds

Join the SkyBet community and enjoy price boosts every day in every market. The price boosts are regularly announced on the website and can be spotted immediately. They usually involve horse-racing and football – especially Premier League offers. The best odds are waiting for if you bet on UK and Irish horse racing. SkyBet is very well-known for its very competitive odds which automatically give you better returns.

There is an excellent free promotion called the Super 6 from time to time. Super 6 is a unique offer where you get to predict scores for free, and potentially, you could win 250,000 GBP in cash. You have to play regularly (weekly) to participate. The promotion involves the Premier League where you have to predict 6 scores. If you predict correctly all 6 of them, you get the jackpot. If you miss all scores, then, you can still win up to 5,000 GBP based on the closest entry. For easier and around-the-clock access you can download the Super 6 app which is available for free. If you already enjoy sports and Premier League betting, in particular, you’ll love this promo.

SkyBet really makes an effort to provide all possible conditions to increase the entertainment factor and to keep punters interested, so they always try to give more. For example, they maintain the SkyBet Club which is open to all active and regular customers. The club offers a 5% addition for bets over 25 GBP placed by Sunday and will be at your disposal for the entire next week. Please notice that this offer is only for active bettors. If you happen to miss one week, you will be obliged to deposit 40GBP to re-enter the SkyBet Club.

As a true UK-based bookmaker, Sky Bet gets soft when it comes to UK football matches. Offers additional promotions for those who enjoy Premier League betting or similar. The SkyBet bonus and promotion policy is not fixed and there is no regular offer. Luckily, they run promotions very frequently, much to the delight of many active customers who enjoy the different lucrative benefits.

SkyCasino Online

If you are a casino lover who likes the thrill only known to passionate casino players, you do not have to look further. The trend of combined casino and sports betting service is advantageous for players/bettors, as well as for the bookmaker. The UK power leader Sky Betting and Games recognized the potential of the profitable combination. Join the SkyCasino to enjoy a round of poker, roulette, slots, table card games, Blackjack, etc.

When it comes to the attractive SkyBet casino promotions and bonuses. Sports betting customers and players have to make a decision for which one to go for. Both offers cannot be claimed, and if you opt for SkyBet Sports. Please note that the bonuses cannot be redirected to SkyCasino and vice versa. If you want a boost to your Premier League bankroll, for example, you should go for SkyBet Sports offer

Let us briefly introduce the bonuses of SkyCasino which are also very lucrative and can optimize your gambling experience. The SkyCasino bonus offers an amazing 600% on deposit. For example, deposit 20 GBP, you will get 120 GBP. The only requirement is to play 50x within a month and you can claim your SkyCasino bonus. This bonus is reserved for those who join SkyCasino for the first time.

In the second round, i.e. when you deposit for the second time with the online casino, by depositing only 20 GBP you can qualify for a 100% bonus which cannot exceed 250 GBP. Of course, the bonus will not be withdrawable immediately and comes with a few requirements. Roll over the deposit and bonus amount 30 times during one month to become eligible for the bonus withdrawal.

Weekly offers are also part of SkyCasino and they are based on the same principles as the SkyBet weekly promotions. The weekly SakyCasino offers to attract new clients but who would not be attracted by never-ending ways to win some money on the side.

Sports Betting Options and Variety

SkyBet takes the biggest pride in its football and horse racing service packages, especially Premier League offers. The true patriot is focused on the UK markets and sports betting in the country rather than international events. When it comes to football, the mother of all sports, international customers can enjoy the same conveniences as British customers. We already said that football is one of the strongest markets of SkyBet. When it comes to other sports, maybe it would be better for internationals to look for a bookmaker with internationally-oriented policies. Given the popularity of Premier League, however, SkyBet will cater to a majority of sports betting aficionados.

Horse Racing marker at Skybet

Their football sportsbook is one of the most attractive in the bookmaking industry and they offer all sorts of football markets. SkyBet offers include all the basics like basketball, American football, baseball, handball, boxing, wrestling, rugby, tennis, golf, and hockey, as well as badminton, athletics, greyhound racing, horse racing, motor racing, Gaelic sports, cricket, darts, cycling, netball, speedway, snooker, US racing, and the list could go on forever. Still, the Premier League remains one of their highlights.

Possibilities are endless with hundreds of betting lines just for one football match. Sky Bet Sports lets you bet even on very rare material like how much time the 4th Official will add. Live betting, also known as ‘In-Play’ is, of course, enabled and lets you do your betting live on all kinds of offers, whereby football is the most popular form of in-play betting. Premier League betting is so much more fun when you can place your bets while watching the game.

Besides sports, which is the focal point of the betting house. Sky Bet offers also markets in television and films, as well as politics. Try your luck in other fields and try to predict, for example, who will be the winning party in the next elections. Still, the sports markets are their priority and they are more devoted to this service package than its non-sport markets.

The Sky Bet sportsbooks are completely independent and kept apart from the casino offers. This is one of the reasons why the website looks well-structured and organized given that it is not overloaded with products. To view casino offers you have to go to a separate website.

Knowing that the passionate fans, especially UK football-crazed fans, enjoy reading sports news and the bookmaker provides a newsfeed. The so-called Sporting life where the bookmaker picks the best content for devoted fans. You can keep track of all important events and make your Premier League choices based on the information provided by the site.

Sky Bet Sports Competitive Odds

Sky Bet Sports is known for very popular odds which attract the majority of its customer base. And again, the most competitive odds are found with televised football matches and horse racing. The odds vary, and that is natural in the business. So even when it sometimes seems that the odds are not competitive enough, the next ones will probably be.

If we look at the overall odds balance, SkyBet is one who offers above-average returns in comparison to other bookmakers. The bookmaker, as we already mentioned, regularly offers boosted prices and you can find increased odds on a daily basis, especially before a bigger event. The promotions, bet lines, and odds are easy to find but can be also requested by contacting the support team (just to be sure).

Before placing any bets, it is important for bettors to check out the minimum and maximum deposit and payout section. Odds define a minimum and maximum bets. The maximum bets depend on the maximum payout, whereby the minimum bet can be made, most of the time, with only 0.05 GBP. In case of multiple bets and mixing different lines, other rules apply.

SkyBet offers the maximum payout for the Premier League (and other football matches). Horse racing bets which can go up to 250,000 GBP (UK and Ireland only). Other sports markets also qualify for the maximum amount of 250,000 GBP, but if you bet on politics and other non-sport related events, the maximum payout is limited to 25,000 GBP. The bets have to be carried out strictly online, and you cannot place them via phone or SMS.

It is Never too Late to Place a Bet with Sky Bet Sports In-Play Betting

Thanks to good ties among its different brands and with the Sky TV, the bookmaker is able to offer a series of in-play opportunities. Again, in-play football betting is the forerunner in this category. The software runs smoothly so that bettors can place their bets without any technical difficulties like freezing or software crash.

When it comes to live streaming, we have to admit that it is not the strongest asset of Sky Bet Sports. They reduced their live stream program, and mostly stream tennis matches and soccer from the USA. The majority of live streams is now redirected to Sky TV and if you subscribe, you will get access to more live stream events and much more.

Sky Bet Sports Mobile Apps

Besides the already mentioned Super 6 APP (which is separate). The bookmaker offers an all-around mobile app which attracts many users according to the AppleStore numbers. As the bookmaker likes to keep things clear by separation. Fantasy football has also its own app, just like the SkyCasino, SkyVegas, and other Sky products.

The layout and design of the main app are very smooth, easy to use, and it depicts all the major features and events. The mobile app surely keeps up with the desktop version with functional in-play betting, crystal clear display of odds, problem-free depositing and withdrawing, etc. Mobile betting is even preferred over using the desktop site by some users.

Deposit and Withdraw Very Simply With SkyBet

Transactions can be done in seven currencies and almost all of them include English-speaking destinations. The accepted currencies refer to the British Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Singapore and Hong Kong Dollars (SGD and HKD), and the Euro.

You can deposit and withdraw via:

  • Credit and debit card
  • Visa and Visa Electron
  • MasterCard and Maestro
  • PayPal

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 GBP, and the maximum amount is not limited. It takes two to three days for the money to appear in your account balance. As you can see, the bookmaker does not accept wire transfer. Sky Bet also does not charge any withdrawal fees. Another great thing about SkyBet is that you can deposit via one method but withdraw via another one. The only consistency that is mandatory is the currency of transaction; if you made a deposit in euros, then your withdrawal will also be in euros.

Customer Support with Sky Bet

SkyBet tries to maintain a decent customer support service to handle different inquiries from its customers. For example, you can give the support team a call from 8 in the morning until midnight (the call is free of charge). Also, you can e-mail them or contact them via Twitter.

Sky Bet Sports also offers an around-the-clock live chat for their customers. The support team is very friendly and competent in dealing with different requests. They also solve any problems very quickly, and the team, in general, contributes to the overall good image of Sky Bet Sports.

Where Can You Bet?

As a UK-oriented bookmaker, SkyBet limits its services only to a few countries. You can bet if you live in the UK, Ireland, the British territory of Gibraltar, Channel Islands, and Finland. We see that the bookmaker is not operating on a global level and offers services mostly in areas strongly linked to the UK (with the only exception of Finland). That’s one of the reasons why Premier League betting makes such an important part of their offer.

Sky Bet Sports Verdict

We can freely say that Sky Bet has an attractive set of features and options which appeal to average and passionate bettors. The number-one UK online sports betting shop offers great promotions, a great and well-structured website, and an efficient support team. The only setback is the small number of countries it operates in. A bookmaker of this caliber should definitely reconsider expanding its services.

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