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    casino big moneyThe issues of any online casino’s so-called house edge has been a source of controversy and seemingly never ending debate for as long as the online casino has existed. Any online casino is capable of cheating its own players out of their money and many online casino do just that. It is in fact very easy for an online casino to hide much of its doings through various means and ways, without anyone ever being any the wiser.

    This is an important issue all over the world, especially considering that the online casino industry is one of the fastest growing online industries on the web. According to latest 2017 figures, the industry made over $46bn during 2016. While these figures may suggest that the online casino industry is healthy and growing and everyone is happy. However, there is one area of the online casino that is of growing concern and that is transparency.

    A new online casino brand, intriguingly branded as, is on a mission to Tomas Draksaschange this critically important issue. According to co-founder and professional gambler, Tomas Draksas, it is extremely easy to set up any online casino with a massive house edge. For those that may not be familiar with an online casino’s house edge, this is simply the advantage that the casino has over the player. It is a percentage that is built into every online casino game that the particular casino brand has to offer their players.

    According to Draksas, the new brand aims to completely eliminate this house edge altogether. Up until today, there has never been a way for anyone outside of the online casino to know what actually happens on that particular casinos servers. One of the main ways in which want to change this is through their use of so-called cryptocurrency. The benefit of using online casino games that are based in cryptocurrency is that anyone can audit them and know exactly what is going on with them.

    By using cryptocurrency and allowing for full and open audits, aims to show online casino gamblers that their games are not rigged in any way, shape or form, and that they do not hold any house edge over their players. website
    While it may seem like a bit of a bold leap or a touch of over dramatization, the fact remains that the issue with online casinos cheating their players is real. Popular online casino review and resource websites such as Wizard of Odds regularly add online casinos to their blacklist. Many of the casinos on this list are guilty of a range of transgressions including withholding player’s winnings, delaying winnings or withdrawals, rigging the outcome of their games and so on.

    The concept has begun to gain traction and attention from the media as well as online casino experts. The brand was founded in 2016 by a group comprised of gambling experts and blockchain (bitcoin) experts and it will be interesting to track the development of and what they are setting out to achieve.

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