Riga Gaming Congress 2017 to Tackle Modern Gambling Issues

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    October 12 will be an important date for the gambling industry as this is the day when Riga Gaming Congress 2017 will take place. This is the biggest and most important gambling event of Latvia. However, it will attract experts, speakers, and guests from all over Europe.

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    This year’s Riga Gaming Congress will address some of the issues the modern-day gambling industry is facing. It will tackle nearly all relevant aspects, from online and land-based casinos to traditional and e-sports betting. It will also focus on the implementation of the blockchain technology.

    Tackling Relevant Issues

    Riga Gaming Congress 2017 will be split into two large categories. The first one will be about the business side of the industry. It will deal with industry regulation, development trends, marketing strategies, etc.

    The second section will be all about bitcoin and the blockchain technology. In this segment, advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be in a special focus. Participants will have a chance to learn about these new technologies and find out how they can help them further their businesses.

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    Many Expert Speakers Announced

    There are many reasons not to miss this year’s Riga Gaming Congress. The number of expert speakers who will share their knowledge and insights is certainly the main one. There are many interesting topics that will be covered, and we bring you some of the highlights.

    Carlo Pagan, CEO of Casino Campione D’Italia will share his insights on casino marketing. He will explain some of the key elements required for a successful marketing campaign. With many years of experience in the industry, his knowledge will certainly help all of those looking to expand their businesses. Vasily Stepanov, Development Director of Belaya Veja Casino will talk about marketing from a different point of view. He will try to explain the importance and strategies of brand building.

    Gambling legislation will also be one of the hot topics, as is often the case with these types of events. Steve Donoughue of Gambling Consultant will base his presentation on the UK gambling experience. He will try to explain advantages and shortcomings of active gambling legislation. Michael Boettcher, President of Storm International, will further this discussion with examples from countries such as Germany, Georgia, and Latvia. He, too, will talk about advantages and risks connected to gambling regulation and how it can help reduce social risks connected to gambling.

    Talking Blockchain

    The second part of the conference is moderated by Max Krupyshev, Cubits COO. In this section, all focus will be on bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

    Aleksandra Fetisova of DAO.Casino will talk about Ethereum. She will talk about opportunities that this new technology offers to the casino industry. Fetisova will explain the foundataions of the DAO.Casino protocol and how it can help create a decentralized market. This could change the industry forever and create new markets.

    Krupyshev won’t be just a passive observer. He, too, will give a speech about cryptocurrency. Krupyshev’s presentation will focus on the role of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in gaming. He will talk about potential risks, fraud-prevention, and more.

    IlyaMikov and Viktor Romaniuk will tackle a different side of cryptocurrencies. Their speeches will focus on new possibilities for in-game trading. Namely, they’ll discuss how gamers could use cryptocurrencies to trade items in various games. This practice isn’t something most companies look kindly upon. However, with bitcoins, this could change once and for all.

    Riga Gaming Congress 2017 will deal with many other topics. Some of the more important ones are DFS and e-sports. One panel will be devoted to cheating and match-fixing in e-sports and fantasy games.

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    Interesting Exhibition Area

    Apart from the main program, the Congress will also feature a demo area. Here, many companies will exhibit some of the latest casino equipment. If you’d like to stay up to date with the new developments, this is the place to be. Some of the companies involved in the exhibition include:

    • Slotegator – one of the biggest casino aggregators
    • Tom Horn Gaming – online service providing company
    • CASEXE – casino software developer
    • Hash Rush – online casino launching software developer

    All interested parties will be able to check out the latest technologies and find the best partners for their businesses. However, the exhibition won’t only serve as a showcasing area. It will also give guests a chance to meet each other and create valuable contacts.

    After a Long Day at Work

    Once the official part of the Riga Gaming Congress 2017 ends, guests will have a chance to relax at an after party. The event is organized by Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort. All the visitors will have chance to enjoy fine food and beverages. Additionally, they’ll get to speak in a less formal environment. This will give them a chance to create even more valuable business contacts moving forward.


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