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    The casino industry has become one of the fast growing industries. Advancements in technology have helped provide the impetus for this growth with casinos becoming much more accessible no matter one’s geographic location.

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    In the past, if you wanted to play a casino game you needed to visit a brick and mortar casino. Of course, this is if you were lucky enough to live close to one. Many people simply didn’t live within a reasonable distance of a casino. When the internet began to take hold the industry figured out how to apply this new technology to provide virtual opportunities for gambling fans to play online. This helped expand the popularity of the activity. Naturally as the internet began to be used more and more on smartphones, gambling could also occur on these devices. However, Android users had difficulty finding real play casino apps because these were excluded from the Google Play Store. While this has been an inconvenience for many years, it is one no longer.

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    A new app store with real play gambling apps has been created known as Cherry Rush. The app can be downloaded from their website, cherryrush.com. The app of course provides a comprehensive list of all their promoted mobile casino apps. However, these apps are also grouped into convenient categories to help users easily find what they want. For example, one section includes all of the apps recommended by the Cherry Rush Staff. These apps have been tried by their employees and passed their tough standards. For those users who want to try something new, the trending apps category would be a place to look. Here the trending casinos can be found for download.

    Android users have been waiting long enough for real play gambling apps. Don’t waste any more time. Head on over to cherryrush.com today!

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