Secret of the Stones Slot Game Review

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    The Secret of the Stones slot is one of the more popular online casino slot machines by NetEnt and for a good reason. With a multitude of awesome gameplay features, this online gambling game provides a host of chances for huge wins. While some casino online slot machines can be very tedious, this one is certainly not.

    Online Gambling community has been nothing but impressed by this excellent game. Unlike many slot machines which only start free spins rarely and often pay poorly, Secret of the Stones slot tends to pay excellent during free spins and the potential is nearly limitless.

    With 25 paylines across five reels, solid graphics and audio, and an impressive plethora of free spins features, Secret of the Stones slot stacks very highly among the online casino games. Let’s see how it stacks up against other slot machines you can find in casino online slot machines libraries.

    Secret of the Stones Slot Features

    Secret of the Stones Slot

    The Secret of the Stones’ slot main feature is the Free Spins. The free spins start when you stop three or more scatter symbols and initially award 10 free spins. However, more free spins, multipliers and even special features can be won during the mini-game that precedes the free spins.

    This is not standard for online casino slot machines, but when you win free spins in Secret of the Stones, you start a pick-and-win game first. The player is presented with 20 stones and picks the number equal to the number of Scatters stopped. This is a fairly unique feature among casino online slot machines.

    The stones hide many secrets in this online casino game. Additional free spins, multipliers, and Wild features can be found under them. Online gambling is rarely this exciting as players can potentially win dozens of free spins, with two Wild reels and two additional Wild symbols.

    While it is rare to get free spins this lucrative, it is entirely possible with this awesome online casino slot.

    Secret of the Stones Graphics and Audio

    Casino online slots by NetEnt are almost always masterpieces. This online casino game is no different. The game features well-drawn graphics, a few solid animations, a fun mini-game and plenty of great sound effects. The overall effect is very soothing and relaxing, and the game does not cause additional tension.

    If you are in for an online gambling experience that will keep you calm and relaxed and give a major chance at winning, picking Secrets of the Stones among other casino online slot machines will likely be an excellent choice. On the other hand, the amount of adrenaline that the game can give you also makes for a very exciting online gambling game.

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