South Park Reel Chaos Slot Game Review

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    South Park has been one of the most popular cartoons out there for many years. NetEnt decided to use the cartoon as a theme for one of their online casino slot machines, South Park Reel Chaos slot. Help Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in their fight against Professor Chaos, General Disarray, and the Evil Minions!

    This amazing online casino slot features a ton of exciting bonuses and makes for an excellent online gambling experience. You will be starting a new feature every few spins. South Park fans will truly appreciate this online casino game as the references to the show are funny and remarkable.

    But how does South Park: Reel Chaos compare to other casino online slot machines and is it a worthy online gambling game? We tried to find out.

    South Park Reel Chaos Slot Features

    South Park Reel Chaos slot

    South Park Reel Chaos is a remarkable and fun game. Other than numbers, the symbols are our favorite South Park characters. The online casino game features several bonus games and free spins. Some are well known to casino online slot machines players, while others are not.

    The bonus game is a progressive free spins game. You keep getting new free spins as long as you are winning. The multiplier increases as you defeat the various opponents including Professor Chaos himself. The free spins can be quite lucrative. The free spins round starts by stopping three Bonus symbols like in most online casino slot machines.

    Other features include Cartman’s Stacked Wilds, Kenny’s Multiplier, Stan’s Multiplying Re-Spin, and Kyle’s Overlay Wilds, all of which activate randomly. This makes playing South Park Reel Chaos a very exciting online gambling experience. You never know which slot machines feature will be activated.

    South Park: Reel Chaos Casino Online Game Graphics And Audio

    We are used to graphically spectacular slot machines by NetEnt, but South Park: Reel Chaos is even more than that. The animations in this online casino game are truly spectacular. Every feature has awesome animations of its own, which is not always the case with casino online slot machines.

    The background music is tense and heroic, and the character voices are familiar and fun. Playing this online casino game will keep any online gambling fan and fan of the show entertained for quite a while. You can expect a very enjoyable experience when playing South Park Reel Chaos at a NetEnt casino online. The sheer multitude of feature games and free spins should be enough to keep most online gambling players content.

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