Space Wars Slot Game Review

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    Do you believe in aliens? After playing the Space Wars slot game, perhaps you will! Once again, NetEnt has done a great job creating an unforgettable online gambling experience. Space Wars is an immensely fun casino online game that stands out from other slot machines in many ways.

    Online gambling with Space Wars slot turns into a silly and fun activity filled with laughter. The crazy little aliens this game depicts are absolutely adorable, and you will enjoy every moment playing this online casino slot.

    With so many slot machines out there, we decided to find out why you should choose Space Wars and if this online gambling game has what it takes to keep the players interested.

    Space Wars Slot Features

    Space Wars slot

    Space Wars is not one of those slot machines with many features. Instead, the game uses a Stacked Wilds feature in combination with singular re-spins on every win, to provide consistent and clear-cut wins. There are no free spins or bonus games to be won in this casino online slot.

    Instead of winning a dozen free spins every now and then, players are awarded a single re-spin every time they win anything. With 40 paylines, payouts are frequent, and this means there will be plenty of free re-spins. The lack of free spins is thus easily compensated.

    While many online casino players are used to slot machines having plenty of features, a more consistent online gambling game may be just what you were looking for.

    Space Wars Online Casino Slot Graphics And Audio

    Space Wars slot is a visual spectacle, to say the least. This slot game is set in space, with various alien races fighting for virtual supremacy of the universe. The cute and silly aliens make up most of what this online casino game is.

    The background music also sounds like it was taken from a fun sci-fi cartoon and combined with the awesome animations, the game will keep you entertained for quite a while. If you prefer funny and exciting online casino slot machines over the mundane online gambling games like blackjack, you will want to try Space Wars for sure.

    Final Words

    The lack of gameplay features like free spins may be off-putting to some online casino players, but the fact is casino online sites lack more consistent slot machines. If you prefer winning a bit by bit every few spins, instead of just hoping those free spins magically come in other slot machines, this casino online game was made just for you.

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