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    In the world of online gambling slot machines, magic is quite real. Spellcast slot by NetEnt is sheer proof of this. The magical motives of Spellcast make the game fun and scary at the same time. The ominous wizard who dominates this online casino game may scare you with his horrible laughter but also award you with plenty of free spins from his magic ball.

    If a lucrative and fast paced casino online game was what you were looking for, Spellcast slot will provide you with the online gambling experience you wanted. The game will take you to a magical realm where anything is possible, including winning huge sums of money in a casino online.

    We compared Spellcast slot to other slot machines you could play in a casino online and rated the online gambling experience it provided.

    Spellcast Slot Features

    Spellcast slot

    Spellcast is a great online casino game, and like many NetEnt slot machines, its main feature are the free spins. The free spins are triggered by stopping three Magic Balls on the reels. Additional free spins can be won by stopping more Magic Balls.

    During the free spins, all wins are tripled like in so many slot machines. This is in addition to the already doubled wins with the Wizard Wild symbol. This means 6x wins are possible during free spins in this exciting online casino game. The features of Spellcast slot will be well known to those online gambling fans who regularly play online casino slot machines.

    Spellcast Online Casino Slot Graphics And Audio

    The audio in Spellcast online casino game is more ominous than most slot machines. There is no music playing, but the ambiance sounds of crows, evil wizards, and water trickling can be quite unnerving. While pretty simple, the graphics are well drawn, which we are used to with online gambling games by NetEnt.

    There isn’t a whole ton of animations in this online casino game, and the feature free spins are fairly simple as well. For the most part, every spin resembles every other spin, and the gameplay is incredibly fast-paced.

    Final Words

    The Spellcast online casino game is not like many other slot machines that provide a ton of bonuses but little returns. Instead, the game provides plenty of free spins and very fast play for optimal results. If you are not a kind of slot machines player to wait forever for the reels to spin, you should join a NetEnt casino online can check out this great casino online game.

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