Stage 888 Slot Review

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    Stage 888 Slot Review

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    Music may be just a pastime for many of us but for those on the stage, music is the meaning of life and their life’s work. The stage is where they feel at home and many fans only wish that they would find themselves in the shoes of their favorite stars.

    Stage 888 is an online casino game that is made for everyone who feels the allure of the stage, the mike and the music world altogether. This twenty payline slot not only thrills and excites with every spin, but also brings us a host of different gameplay features all of which can pay you in ways that you have not seen before.

    So let us get deeper into the features, design and other elements of the Stage 888 online casino game.

    Stage 888 Slot Review game

    Stage 888 Gameplay Features

    Stage 888 is a game abundant with gameplay features. For starters, there are three different scatter symbols that appear on the tiles in this game. The instant win scatters can trigger an instant win feature that awards you for selecting one of the music notes on the screen. This is a simple little cash win feature.

    The Mike Bonus symbols can trigger the Mike Bonus. The Mike Bonus is another instant win feature that randomly pays you a certain amount of cash, no questions asked. Stage Bonus on the other hand is a bonus that will see you get on the stage and try to win one of the many big wins, up to 888 times your initial bet.

    Two other Special Features can be randomly triggered in this online casino game. These include Mega Tiles and Magic Reels and they are both triggered at random. Stage Lights announce all the big wins, while special Stacked Wilds appear on the reels to make such wins more possible. For even more chance at winning, this slot will occasionally nudge a reel in your favor once you have missed a solid win.

    Overall speaking, Stage 888 is a musical slot with a greater than average number of special features which can end up paying you quite handsomely in many different ways. The slot is highly recommended exactly for its propensity to pay high much more often than most other machines.

    Stage 888 Slot Review gameplay

    Stage 888 Theme and Design

    We already mentioned that Stage 888 has a musical theme and this game will put you on the track of an aspiring reality show star looking to make it big in the world of music. To this end, the game features all the symbols and elements you may see in such an environment, from microphones to the stage it all happens on and the lights that make it all look so glamorous.

    To make things complete, the game is backed up with sounds that absolutely fit into the entire premise, which will make you feel as if you were in an actual reality show and instead of the applause from the crowd you will be looking at hundreds of dollars in big casino wins.

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