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    With theme more fitting for a video game than an online casino game, Steam Tower will captivate your imagination. The casino online game puts you in a heroic role and gives you a chance to save the day and win cash while at it. With all the common online casino slot machines features and a fantastic back story, Steam Tower is an easy game to love.

    Do you enjoy playing somewhat obscure online gambling slot machines? How about using make-believe 18th-century technology to save a beautiful princess from a horrible dragon?! This is certainly what makes Steam Tower slot a unique game in the casino online slot machines domain.

    We put it to the test to try and find out if Steam Tower is one of the online casino slot machines you should be playing on a regular basis or a waste of time.

    Steam Tower Slot Features

    Steam Tower slot

    Steam Tower is an online casino game with quite a few features. It includes common slot machines features and a completely unique featured game. The online casino features many online gambling fans will be familiar with include a Wild symbol, Stacked Wilds, and Free Spins.

    The free spins start when a full stacked wild stops on one of the reels. The player is awarded 10 free spins and two additional free spins for every Wild in the free spins. The Wild symbols take you up the levels of the Steam Tower all the way to the top where the princess is trapped.

    The free spins in Steam Tower can be quite lucrative and are easily extended. Every three floors, your multiplier will increase by one. On top levels, even the small paylines will pay a decent chunk of money. The Steam Tower casino online game makes this a very unique game among the online casino slot machines.

    Steam Tower Slot Graphics And Audio

    The graphics and audio of this NetEnt online gambling game will take you to the world of Sherlock Holmes and the likes. The technology in the game is like something from a Jules Verne book. Graphics and audio of the game are very tense, and the epic quest never stops.

    If you were after an exciting online gambling game that will put you in a heroic role, no need to look at other casino online slot machines. Steam Tower has exactly what you are looking for. The game can be found at any NetEnt casino online and is easily one of the most popular online casino slot machines by the popular provider.

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