Sugar Pop Slot Review

    sugar pop slot

    Sugar Pop Online Casino Slot

    From Betsoft comes an online casino slot that presents something completely new – an online video slot that does not have the usual 5 reels and 3 rows. Instead, there are 5 rows, which provides additional room for more winning combinations. It also doesn’t hurt that it is very close to a video game with its fantastic graphics and sound effects.

    Reminiscent of the Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, Sugar Pop slot is full of special effects and realistic audio, bonus features, awesome payouts that can go any way possible, and most importantly – it’s entertaining and very enjoyable.

    Design and Audio

    A very colourful design of Sugar Pop promises to amuse all fans of online gambling, especially those who enjoy similar video games and online casino slots. The game’s backdrop offers pink and blue cloudy atmosphere, filled with candy. The designers used a lot of light colours in the visuals to create a graphically astonishing slot that could be called eye candy. It comes with multiple stages and cascading reels and becomes very addictive once you start playing.

    It is safe to say that this slot’s initial design could be part of a children’s book, with all the vivid colours and its childish atmosphere. The background music is some sort of children’s music, but the sound effects accompanying the wins and bonuses are as if taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is true of the whole atmosphere and animations in the game. All in all, a rather unique online gambling experience.

    Gameplay Features

    As mentioned in the beginning, the winning combos can go any which way, which means more possibilities for wins with Sugar Pop. Each successful combo will fill up the meter to the right of the reels, taking you to the next level, some of which I will explain here:

    • Level 1 is the Lollipop level and will rearrange the grid when there are no more possible wins
    • Level 2 is the Caramel Chew; it will move around the reels and crush candy on its way
    • Level 4 is called White Chocolate, and it will shoot almonds around the reels’ grid and destroy candy
    • Level 6 is the Gumdrop, which will suck up all nearby candy and explode it
    • Level 10 is the Candy Cane and it will destroy all candy on the corresponding reel and row
    • Level 15 is all about Chocolate; here all candy around this particular symbol turns to chocolate and explodes
    • Level 20 is the Cotton candy level, where a candy floss tornado will destroy multiple candy

    If you manage to get 4 of the same color, it will give you a multiplier of the corresponding color and applies to wins that are part of the same color

    The Color bomb requires you to get 5 or more matching candy colors to create a bomb of the same color. This will then explode all the matching candy colors on the Sugar Pop reels and generate a huge win and award you lots of credits.

    One special bonus feature of Sugar Pop situated to the left side of the reels is the Bonus Pattern. You can fill up this meter by making matching color wins on the matching spaces on the grid and get more points that take you to the next level.

    Sugar Pop Slot Summary

    Sugar Pop offers a great time and entertains anyone who enjoys fun-filled online casino slots with great graphics and relaxing music. The best part of this slot is that it adds something entirely new to the online gambling experience and offers multiple ways to win.

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