Taiga Slot Review

    taiga slot review

    Taiga Slot By Playson

    Are you into woodland hikes? If so, get ready for one you can take from the comfort of your home, as the Taiga online casino game takes you into a beautiful forest to hang out with the forest animals and have them lead you to generous rewards.

    Taiga is a 20 payline slot with five reels with symbols motivated in forest animals, fruits and berries. The fans of nature and wildlife will definitely find this online casino game to be one of their favourites as the soothing style, background sounds and graphics will make them feel like they are in their natural surroundings.

    Keep on reading and find out how you can make money playing the Taiga online casino slot and whether this game is worth your time.

    Taiga Online Casino Slot Gameplay Features

    Taiga is a 20 payline slot machine with several interesting gameplay features. Majority of all payouts in this exciting game will come due to the Wild Bear symbols, which appear with great frequency on the tiles and substitute all other symbols except the Bonus symbol.

    The Bonus symbol, on the other hand, is in charge of triggering the Free Spins in this online casino game. When three or more Bonus symbols are stopped on the tiles, 5 Free Spins are awarded. Free Spins can be further extended by stopping three Bonus symbols while spinning your Free Spins.

    While the slot does not include too many features, the high number of paylines and the frequent Wild symbols will make it well worth your while to play this online casino game.

    Taiga Online Casino Game Graphics And Audio

    Taiga is an online casino game set in a forest background, which means you will be seeing lots of forest animals and hearing birds chirping and other woodland sounds. All of this is followed by mild and soothing background music that will keep you calm and relaxed while enjoying your wins.

    The slot uses somewhat of a cartoonish graphics engine to present the world of Taiga in a very cheerful and cool way. The animal symbols, along with the stacked Wilds, will certainly provide for some great wins and you will be able to enjoy an extremely comfortable playing atmosphere while you are chasing those wins.

    If you are the kind of player to enjoy a slot with many paylines and gameplay that does not pump too much adrenaline, but rather soothes and relaxes, Taiga will be a fantastic online casino game for you.

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