Temple Of Gold Slot Review

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    Temple Of Gold Slot Review

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    An archeologist’s quest for ancient riches is a common theme in online casino slots, and Temple Of Gold is such a game made by Red Tiger Gaming. The game has you following an attractive Indiana Jones like female archeologist named Lora on a dangerous mission to uncover ancient and long buried treasures.

    To help Lora along this quest, you will need to navigate a 20 payline slot machine with 5 reels and hope that together you can trigger enough feature wins to keep you going until the huge win finally hits. Like an archeologist, you will need to find many small treasures before uncovering the one that will change your life forever.

    We took a very close look at the Temple Of Gold online casino game to decide whether this is the right game for you and after careful examination, here is what we can tell you about the game.

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    Temple Of Gold Gameplay Features

    This game is all about helping Lora find the ancient and immensely valuable relics. To this end, you will want to start the Bonus round where the Relic Hunt can finally begin. The bonus round is initiated by stopping the three Bonus symbols on the reels.

    While you wait for the Bonus Round, there are several other gameplay features that Lora can randomly activate for you at any time. These are the Wild Reels feature which awards you reels full of Wild symbols, Respin feature which has Lora re-spin the reels with big wins guaranteed, the Nudge feature where Lora will nudge the reels to make them more valuable and the Swap Reels feature that swaps the reels in best possible order to give you the maximum payout.

    You will need to put your trust in cute Lora’s hands in Temple Of Gold and hope that she will use all her skills to take you all the way to the long lost treasures worth more than you could dream in your wildest dreams.

    Temple Of Gold Slot Review gameplay

    Temple Of Gold Design, Audio and Gameplay

    As we already mentioned, Temple Of Gold is all about archeology and digging up the dessert looking for the ancient relics. This means you will be seeing a lot of wall paintings and strange symbols encountered in mythology along with the attractive Lora who will jump in every now and then to activate a feature and keep you entertained.

    The music and sound effects are not the strong suite of this game but they do exist and will keep things loud enough to keep you on your toes. The fast paced gameplay that allows a spin almost every second means your quest will be not only epic but also full of adrenaline as money will be flying around and the features will start more often than you can imagine.

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