Tennis Betting | ATP & WTA Tennis Betting

    After football and basketball, tennis is the most popular sport in Europe. Without any doubt, the online betting industry is growing rapidly for the past several years, and consequently, tennis betting attracts more bettors with every day. Betting on tennis is a good chance to earn some extra money, follow your favorite tennis players and also have a lot of fun and excitements.

    Tennis allows a vast range of betting opportunities which makes tennis betting incredibly exciting when it comes to bet in-play. Besides, there are many forms of betting on tennis which can offer you the chance for profit.

    Forms of Tennis Betting

    Match betting is the first and the most common way of betting on tennis. It means that you just need to guess who is going to be the winner of the match.

    Handicap betting is also very popular lately. However, it can be very confusing for the new punters. It is offered in case one player of the match is a heavy favorite to win that particular set. Therefore bookies offer this format to argue against the difference in the player’s ability, and level-out the particular match.

    Set betting is the option for all those who are brave enough the exact result. The odds for this tennis betting format are fantastic and inviting, particularly if you decide to bet on a less popular player. First set winner betting is a format which is perfect for those who are not particularly interested in following the entire match, as well for those who like to bet the on dark horse of the match.

    Total games betting is also a popular form of tennis betting since the tennis matches have no time limit. Finally, many bookmakers offer a significant number of proposition bets for the large tournaments, like who is going to make more double faults in a given match during Grand Slams.

    The bookmakers usually base the lines on statistics only – and that is something that you can take advantage of by analyzing matches from different perspectives. For example, some players tend to be quite nervous in big matches, which usually results in them making more double faults. On the other hand, some players tend to play more securely in such matches and reduce the speed of their serves to make them more accurate, which has the opposite effect on the number of double faults they tend to make in such matches.

    Tennis Betting Odds and Promotions

    Most of the online bookmakers offer tennis markets, which is the benefit for bettors since they have a great range of different odds and promotions. For many bookies, tennis betting is one of their featured betting markets, which means there are more promotions, free bets and bonuses available. Therefore, bettors can choose betting sites which suit them best or have multiple accounts with different bookmakers to increase the chance for good odds. However, the number of tennis betting offers is not the same through the year. For example, Grand Slam tournaments bring more excitement and the increase of betting promotions.

    In-Play Tennis Betting

    Tennis bettingIn-play tennis betting offers much more options than some other sports, and many bookmakers offer it. However, if you are interested in trying the live tennis markets, there are some things you should be aware of like delay of the feed you are using, or know on what surface the tennis is played, since it can can be much more complicated than in-play betting on other sports. Therefore, to have a successful bet, you need to be informed and cautious. Research is a necessary part of every in-play betting and concerning tennis betting there is many information available, which you should observe before you start in-play tennis betting.

    Getting Started With Tennis Betting

    As it was mentioned, betting on tennis is getting more popular with every day, probably because of the many possibilities to place a bet on. Therefore, if you are interested in being a part of tennis betting, then you should observe all the opportunities offered by online bookmakers and use them. Be sure to check out individual bookies for tennis betting promotions and odds.