The Curious Machine Slot Review

    The Curious Machine Online Casino Slot

    The Curious Machine Online Casino Slot

    Betsoft, known for their clever and intricate slot designs and in-game animations, likes to entertain players with various games. Often, they that take inspiration to various sources. The Curious Machine is one such slot, having adopted Jules Verne’s idea of time travel. The company ran with this idea and turned it into a Steampunk-influenced online slot.

    The main theme of the game is centred on a scientist and his time machine. The machine can literally take you back in time during the game. Betsoft has designed another fun and action-packed slot, all topped with an interesting theme. The Curious Machines is sure to grab anyone’s attention and heart.

    The Curious Machine Design and Audio

    As much as it is genuine with the idea of time travel, this game is elevated to another level. This is done through entertaining and stunning 3D animations of a Steampunk time machine and its surroundings. The game’s central characters serve as the operators of the time machine which houses the reels. At the same time, they are also symbols on the reels.

    The unique atmosphere of this online casino slot is generated by the insanely complex graphics. However, there is also the audio that will make you feel as if you’re really a part of the action. This will tremendously improve your online gambling experience. The music and animations have a certain similarity to Spielberg’s Hugo, a Steampunk-influenced movie, which has entertained moviegoers worldwide. The Curious Machine promises to entertain you while you travel in time.

    Gameplay & Features

    With all the fascinating audio and visual features, The Curious Machine does not hold back on entertainment. The game features a Vortex Wild symbol. This symbol will change the symbols on the reels around it, win or lose, increasing your winning chances.

    The game is also equipped with nice bonus features:

    • The Blast to the Past bonus is triggered landing 3 or more Dinosaur symbols and will give you at least 3 free spins and the chance to multiply all your wins by 3
    • The Travel Through Time bonus is triggered landing 3 or more time machine control symbols on the reels; the main character and his robot will travel in time to escape the evil general and get awarded with prizes ranging anywhere from 200 to 1,500, relying on how far back in time they travel
    • The Reel Rewind is the “real” bonus feature because it is triggered randomly after a spin with no wins at all and will give you better chances at winning.


    The fact that The Curious Machine online casino slot is presently available only at Betsoft’s online casinos should not discourage anyone from checking it out. Get involved with an amazing adventure and the possibility of great wins, all underscored by fantastic visual and audio that will keep you spinning the reels.

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