The Slotfather Slot Review

    the slotfather slot

    The Slotfather Online Casino Slot

    When you know that the famous The Godfather movie has influenced all walks of life, it had to eventually come to this. We give you a Godfather-themed online casino slot that features all the (in)famous traits of the movie and the American-Italian mob. And who better to bring this to life than Betsoft, who have proven time and time again they’re the best at what they’re doing.

    With a bit more humorous take on the whole mob theme than the original movie, The Slotfather name pretty much says it all. You are a low-level criminal who starts working for the godfather of slots and have to put slots in various establishments and all the while make some big bucks for the main man. If you are successful, you will be awarded handsomely. This is the game’s premise and it’s simple but very effective. Help the godfather become influential and you will make lots of cash.

    The Slotfather – Design and Audio

    The Slotfather is one of Betsoft’s most established online gambling slots, and rightfully so. The graphics are a bit cartoonish, but still, boast supreme high-quality 3D animations that make for a wonderful visual atmosphere. They underlay the generally humorous atmosphere of The Slothfather and make it even more of enjoyment to play it. The special bonuses are furthermore characterized by the gangster theme and provide more fun and entertainment.

    The audio is almost perfect, resembling that of the original Godfather movie and most gangster and crime-themed movies. Even Nino Rota, who scored the original soundtrack for The Godfather, wouldn’t be ashamed by such delightful music that perfectly captures the spirit of the theme.

    Gameplay Features

    Though it does not have a standard Wild symbol, The Slotfather will surprise you with its fair share of great bonus features:

    • The Sneeky Instant Win will need you to land Sneeky the gangster next to a briefcase on reels 1, 2 or 3 to activate this bonus feature. Sneeky will then reach into the briefcase for cash and award you with an instant cash prize
    • The Multiplier Mob Free spins are activated by landing the old gangster next to the machine gun on reels 1, 2 or 3. This will have the old gangster reach for the gun and fire it into the reels. You can pick one of those holes to get anywhere from 3 to 10 free spins with 1x to 3x multipliers
    • The Underboss Scatter mini-game is activated by landing 3 or more of the fat gangsters on the reels. This will have every high-value symbol becoming a scatter symbol, resulting with large payouts
    • The Slothfather Bonus round is one that I landed with my first spin of this slot. All you need to do is land 3 or more Slotfather symbols and you’ll be taken to a separate screen where you need to pick 3 of 6 locations to place slot machine. Each locations awards a cash prize and The Slotfather will hand you a suitcase full of money

    The progressive jackpot is one of the best features of the game. The sum of it is displayed above the reels and you need to land 5 Slotfather symbols to win it, with the total amount depending on your bet.



    Like I mentioned in the beginning, The Slotfather is definitely one of Betsoft’s best online casino slots. This is visible straight from the start and is made even more obvious with all the accessible bonuses and the progressive jackpot. If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out!

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