Three Kingdoms Slot Review

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    Three Kingdoms Slot Review

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    Themed after the Three Kingdoms Chinese novel, the Three Kingdoms online casino game is an exciting game that gives players plenty of choice and winning opportunities. The game is set in the ancient Chinese kingdoms and you get to choose which one you want to play in.

    The 20 payline slot plays across five reels like most Red Dragon Gaming slots and allows the player to pick one of the three Chinese warriors to help him along his journey. Being the most valuable symbols, these warriors are the ones that will bring you the largest payouts.

    We took a close look at Three Kingdoms and how you can make the best out of this amazing online casino game.

    Three Kingdoms Slot Review gameplay

    Three Kingdoms Gameplay Features

    Three Kingdoms is not the kind of a game with tons of features, but the ones that it does include are unique and very fun. Unlike in most games, you get to choose one of the three kingdoms at the start of the game, each represented by a color, blue, red or green.

    During gameplay, entire reels will ocassionally turn into stacked Warrior Symbols. If the warrior on the reels matches the kingdom you have chosen, the stacked warrior becomes stacked wild, for even more valuable payouts.

    Three Kingdoms Slot Review game

    While it may seem strange for this to be the only feature of an online casino slot, this feature alone is valuable enough to make playing Three Kingdoms worth your while. The fun thing about playing the game is that you can change your kingdom and your hero at any time during gameplay.

    Three Kingdoms Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Three Kingdoms is an online slot with Chinesse theme through and through. The game features symbols of Chinese warriors and the background music common to the Chinese culture. While there aren’t too many feature or animations in the game, the graphics are still quite well designed, while simple.

    Three Kingdoms Slot Review choose

    The background music is there to keep things flowing smoothly and the fast paced gameplay we are used to with Red Tiger Gaming slot machines is of course there as well. You can keep spinning the reels at super-fast speed by holding the Spacebar and move between the big pays at the speed of light.

    The game of Three Kingdoms may not be as exciting as some other slot machines in terms of feature wins, but the lovers of history and Chinese heritage will enjoy it nonetheless and the one major feature it does include tends to pay quite heavily.

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