Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots

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    Most of us playing at an online casino dream of winning big. For most players, that elusive seven-figure jackpot on your favorite slot machine will never be more than a distant dream. For a few lucky ones, however, these dreams do become a reality.

    Big slot machine jackpots are stuff that dreams are made of. They can change your life upside down in a matter of minutes. In this article, we will explore top 10 biggest slot machine jackpots ever recorded. Who are the lucky players who managed to beat the game and walked away with amounts big enough to set you up for the rest of your natural life?

    John Heywood’s $20 Million Win (2015)

    John Heywood's $20 Million Win

    One lucky Brit had the luck to experience firsthand what so many can only dream about. John Heywood from Cheshire, UK decided to try his luck on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, probably the largest progressive online slot machine in the world.

    It was a truly remarkable day for Mr. Heywood who walked away with a jackpot slightly over $20,000,000. His win entered the Guinness World Record Book as the largest online slot jackpot payout in the history. The 26-year old who served in the Afghanistan war was, naturally, shocked by the huge win that came so unexpectedly. Heywood was playing Mega Moolah at 25p a spin, and a $20 million win probably wasn’t on his mind when he sat down to play that day.

    2013 Mega Fortune Record Win

    Before the huge Mega Moolah win, the record was held by a lucky winner on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot. The monetary difference is quite insignificant, given the amount of money winners receive. A lucky Finish player received just $30,000 less than the Brit, so the only real difference is who gets to hold the record. We are convinced neither player cares too much about the record when they have $20 million in their bank account.

    Only 18-year old, the Finn invested a couple of grand into the slot machine and perhaps he was even close to giving up. Sometimes it’s just not your day. However, some spins later he realized that would have been a really bad decision as he hit a record-breaking jackpot at that time. Best two grand he ever spent, you would agree?

    Insomnia Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

    It would appear Scandinavians know something about jackpots that rest of us don’t. In the third place of ten biggest slot machines jackpots is a young Norwegian. On the night of September 24, 2011, this young man just couldn’t fall asleep. What’s better to get you through a sleepless night than a big jackpot slot?

    If you are going to play slots instead of sleeping, you might as well do it right. This young man decided to go for NetEnt’s Mega Fortune and give himself a shot at big money. The result? A jackpot to the tune of €11.7 million ($12.5 million now, more in 2011)!

    $11,600,000 Mega Moolah Win

    Fourth place on the list of the biggest slot machine jackpot winners goes to Marcus Goodwin. Marcus found his luck playing Mega Moolah just a month ago. When the big jackpot struck on November 5th, 2016, Mr. Goodwin walked away a rich and happy man, earning a hefty sum of $11.6 million.

    Another young man who found his luck at an online casino, Marcus went on to record a video in celebration of his epic win. He explained his plans for at least a part of the money, but $11.6 million is a lot of cash to burn through. We don’t doubt one bit this lucky winner will find some smart investments to put his newly found riches to good use.

    Biggest Mobile Jackpot

    The year 2016 was a good one for Mega Moolah players. Just a few months before Goodwin, another player hit a huge score on the Zodiac Casino, playing form his mobile device. The player, only known as D. P., took home the €7.9 million jackpot, which is the fifth biggest recorded jackpot overall and the biggest jackpot won playing from a mobile device by far.

    Gods Can Be Generous

    Unibet Casino was a home to the biggest jackpot won in Sweden, and one of the biggest slot jackpot wins in general. One very lucky young lady, who choose to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons), hit a huge €7.6 million jackpot playing NetEnt’s Hall of Gods.

    The win happened in February 2012 and that period was jackpot galore for NetEnt slot machines, as few of their major jackpots were paid within a span of just ten days. Either way, that’s another one for Scandinavians.

    Hall of Gods Opens Again

    The 7th biggest jackpot on online slot machines was also won on Hall of Gods, once again by a player from Sweden. The only difference this time around was the fact it was a male, not female. The final payout was €7.3 million, and it was won by an anonymous player at Betsson.

    Betsson was a home to almost identical win in 2012 as well. The difference was under €20,000, and the lucky player also won the life changing amount playing Hall of Gods. This win counts as the 8th biggest jackpot won on online slots, as far as we were able to find out.

    John Orchard’s Epic £5,883,044 Win

    John Orchard’s Epic £5,883,044 Win

    In December of 2012, a punter named John Orchard had probably the best holidays of his life. The reason? Orchard hit the Mega Moolah jackpot which amounted to almost £5.9 million, which is the equivalent of €7.2 million according to exchange rate at the time.

    One curiosity about this win is that the Lincolnshire man actually won his jackpot playing Dark Knight slot machine, which, at the time, was connected to Mega Moolah network. On that memorable day of December 9, 2012, John decided to try his luck for a while, betting 30p per spin. His timing couldn’t have possibly been better!

    Mega Moolah Once Again

    Have we already mentioned 2016 was a very good year for Mega Moolah slot? Make that extraordinary good year. In April of this year, another lucky player was shocked when Lady Luck picked him or her as her favorite for the day.

    The lucky player became an instant millionaire, just like the rest of those mentioned in this article, adding €6.9 million to their bank account. Not too bad for a few spins, right?

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