Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller

    high roller perks

    Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller

    High roller

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    High-rollers are the most appreciated players in any casino. Special attention is paid to them by the casino operators and the staff. Of course, the high-rollers have invested a lot of their time and money into the casinos and have deserved that attention.

    The accent is on the money. High-rollers are those players that play a game with huge bets and put a lot of risk into it. However, they are the most experienced players as well, or they wouldn’t be so confident to deposit fortunes if they didn’t stand a chance. Casino operators know all of that, but take the risk of investing something in the hopes of gaining a lot. So they allow high-rollers to be the VIP members. Look at all the benefits high-stakes gamblers get in both online and land-based casinos.

    Party, Transportation, and Accommodation Perks


    high roller perks

    High-stake players in big land-based casino resorts get a luxurious room booked and a personal driver. If their choice is to come with their cars, they have a special parking lot in front of the casino. When they get to Las Vegas, they get citywide VIP status and discount in any restaurant, shopping mall or other venues across the city. Also, they get invited to VIP-only parties where they meet celebrities and hang around with the crème de la crème.


    VIP Treatment In-House

    Regardless of whether you are a high-stakes gambler online or in a brick-and-mortar casino establishment, the in-house VIP treatment is inevitable. You get a personal host or bankroll manager whose duty is to make your stay smooth, problem-free and enjoyable. You also get special access to new games or private tables where you can play without distractions from random tourists or casual players.


    Fast Withdrawals

    Special players in casinos get a faster withdrawal period than other players. They usually get the benefit of withdrawing their winnings immediately, but also, they have no limits to how much to withdraw. If other players can withdraw, say $1000, the special player can withdraw $10,000 and instantly. Talk about a perk.


    casino bonus for high-rollersSpecial Bonuses and Promotions

    As you may have noticed in high-roller online casinos, VIP players get to enjoy specially designed bonus offers that no one else could be eligible for. For instance, if a casual player can claim 10 Free Spins and $30 cash, the VIP player may get 100 Free Spins and $2,000 free cash, depending on their level. The thing is, these VIP schemes offer all kinds of things to high-rollers: from vacation or jewelry vouchers to huge free cash offers.


    Personalized Bet Limits

    Usually, each casino table has its bet limits. Average players need to respect these limits, but not high-rollers. High-rollers have the power and ability to deposit as it suits them, regardless of the real bet limit. If an average player can wager $50 a hand, the high-stakes player can wager up to $10,000 a hand. The difference is huge but real. High-rollers express their preferences and expectations on limits, and a limitless casino experience is at their disposal.

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