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    While most NetEnt’s slot machines belong to classic online casino slots or video slots group, their Twin Spin game is something else. NetEnt slot machines creators tried to think outside the box with this one. The result is an online gambling experience combining best from the both worlds.

    Some online gambling fans prefer classic slots. Others swear by the modern video slot machines. Appealing to both of these groups at the same time isn’t easy, but folks at NetEnt gave it their best shot with the Twin Spin online casino slot. The end result is more than satisfactory.

    Twin Spin Slot Theme

    Featuring an interesting blend between modern and classic slot machines, Twin Spin slot will catch the attention of online gambling fans who have been around for a while. The symbols featured in this casino online game include cherries, bells, diamonds, and, of course, bars and 7s. There are also lower paying symbols from the playing cards between a 9 and an Ace.

    While symbols are akin to the ones found in older slot machines, graphics of this game have much more modern looks. With sparkling lights in the background, nicely designed large symbols and flashy lights accompanying wins, this online casino game can still dazzle you with its design.

    Gameplay & Features

    Twin Spin Slot

    Instead of classic paylines, you would expect to find in traditional slot machines, Twin Spin features pay ways. There are as many as 243 of them, so every spin can potentially bring about a huge win.

    While online gambling with Twin Spin slot can certainly be exciting, this casino online slot is not rich in features. The only thing that stands out in Twin Spin is the reel synchronizing feature, which causes two adjacent symbols to become identical. Synchronized reels move across the board, so they can land on any two of the five reels featured in this online casino slot.

    Free spins, so beloved by many online gambling and slot machines fans, are not a part of what Twin Spin game has to offer. There is no free spins round you can trigger no matter how hard you try. This may take away a bit from your online gambling experience, as most players enjoying their time at a casino online have become so accustomed to free spins. But, with this particular online casino game, NetEnt decided to roll without free spins.

    Final Verdict

    Twin Spin online casino game is an interesting blend of traditional and modern-day slot machines. Traditional symbols in this game will appeal to older-generation of online casino players, who will likely enjoy the improved graphics as well. However, the lack of free spins and other bonus features like free spins could turn away some of the new casino online players.

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