UK Gambling Industry Ups Its Responsible Gambling Game

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    Responsible gambling has become a big thing in the UK. The country has always been one of the stricter markets in this regard, but the latest changes have seen antes really going up. In light of this, the industry in the UK has agreed to improve their contribution to the cause. Moving forward, a majority of land-based operators will be giving away 0.1% of their Gross Gambling Yield every year to GambleAware.

    UK Gambling Ups Its Responsible Gambling gamble aware

    Supporting the Cause

    UK casino operators already have an obligation to contribute to GambleAware. This is how they play a part in raising awareness, preventing, and battling problem gambling. However, current financial contributions don’t quite cut it. Last year, GambleAware fell 20% short of its annual goal of £10 million.

    In this light, the National Casino Forum decided to increase its contributions and offer a guarantee that would ensure a proper funding. The National Casino Forum is a body gathering around 97% of all land-based casinos in the UK. Although 0.1% may not seem like a lot, one must remember that gambling is huge in the country.

    UK Gambling Ups Its Responsible Gambling

    Tracey Damestanti, the CEO of the Forum, stated that his was a historic decision. Moving forward, a majority of operators will contribute at least 0.1% of their GGR. Everything else they decide to give away for GambleAware will be noted as separate donations.

    New Era Looming

    Although casino operators in the UK have always had an obligation to support responsible gambling efforts, this is definitely a whole new level. The industry as a whole stands together, dedicated to provide help for education, research, and treatment for those in need. It is quite a historic moment in a sense that it clearly displays shifting attitudes within the industry.

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    Established back in 2012, GamblerAware was founded with these very goals in mind. The organization came to exist in agreement between the operators, the UKGC, and the government. To fulfill its mission, however, the organization needs money, and so far it’s been struggling to keep up.

    With the new pledge from the industry this will finally change. This is bound to help the general responsible gambling efforts in the country.

    As of late, the UKGC has really upped their game in this department. Recent changes apply to online and land-based casinos and affiliate sites alike. It is clear that the Commission is out to create a very different environment than we’ve become used to.

    The new law to change maximum wagering limits of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) is in the works as well. Once it is implemented, it is expected to decrease the number of problem gambling occurrences.

    Although some have argued this would have adverse effects on the industry, officials seem undeterred. There is a new era of responsible gambling in the UK looming. It seems that operators are finally starting to come on board as well. Like all industries, online gambling needs to keep up with times, and UK regulators seem to have their eye on the ball.


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