The UK Gambling Industry Reaches Record Gross Annual Output

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    Recently, the Gambling Commission regulator released an official report on the latest figures that indicate the domestic gambling industry in the United Kingdom had a record gross annual gambling yield of $17.9 billion for 12 months since October 2015.

    This pointed to an almost 3% increase over the prior reporting period and was the result of a swell of 7% in the gross gambling yield that the remote sector generated with $5.8 billion. There was also the fact that 34,388 land-based betting terminals with fixed odds generated a total of $2.3 billion.

    Interesting Statistics

    On the one hand, these numbers point out that the UK has on average of 176,410 gambling machines that are not betting terminals with fixed odds. This presents a drop of 0.2% from the prior reporting period, but still, these gambling terminals had a significant rise of their gross annual yield of 2.5% that resulted in $3.5 billion.

    On the other hand, the figures released by the Gambling Commission also show that there was a 0.4% drop in the total number of people that were employed in the gambling industry from the prior reporting period, coming down to 106,678. This also indicated that the yearly donations to charitable causes by the National Lottery had dropped by 5.7%, to $ 2.2 billion.

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    Additionally, the number of betting shops in the country dropped to 8,788, which was a 1.4% decline, along with the steep 5.7% decline in the overall number of bingo parlors from 57 to 583. Reports indicate that the number of casinos for the previous reporting period was 147, which now had one casino less than before.

    Another part of the report of the Gambling Commission figures showed that sports betting had made a gross annual yield of $2.1 billion, all the while showing that gaming machines and table games had generated $1.6 billion, while bingo only made $884 million.

    David Pemberton Coming on Board

    The Gambling Commission also released news that by the end of June of 2017 its ranks would be joined by David Pemberton, who would serve as their Chief Operating Officer and would supervise the corporate services of the regulators, which includes human services, finances, risk and planning.

    Prior to this, Pemberton was the executive director of the business-community outreach, but also held positions with companies like Ford, Nissan, PwC, and Credit Suisse, which shows Mr. Pemberton already has a lot of experience with handling important positions.

    In addition, Pemberton stated that he was appreciative that he could be a part of the Gambling Commission, and he was looking forward to contributing with his vast experience to help shape the structure, capabilities, and working ways of the organization to their benefit. He also pointed out that this was an exciting time to be part of the Gambling Commission because it started to really focus on the needs of the consumer.

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