UK to Institute Stricter Rules for Online Gambling Adverts

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    The UK Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) will soon institute new regulations for special advertising. These regulations concern what sports booking and online casino operators can promote on their websites.

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    The BBC issued a report on the topic on Wednesday. They claim the updated regulations will come into force as soon as April 2. The Committee’s task is to specify the advertising rules in the UK. This includes regulations to protect the most vulnerable gamblers.

    Much Stricter Advertising Rules

    The BBC report continued with an announcement of the updated rules. These are the result of a recent decision by the UK Gambling Commission. The Commission fined ElectraWorks Ltd with a $488,600 fine for breaching current laws to promote ‘free bonuses.’ They found that 7 of the online casino operators broke regulations with their promotions.

    The BBC report also focused on the fact that the new regulations will restrict the phrase “Bet now.” It will also institute stricter regulations for advertising by UK-regulated gambling operators. This will include football matches and other live sports events. The CAP has the intention to restrict adverts promoting risk-free deposits and repetitive play.

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    The BBC report also included a detail that the updated regulations are promoted by the Advertising Standards Authority.  The regulatory body will consider complaints and impose fines. Moreover, the Authority is tasked with imposing additional restrictions of adverts that take advantage of the self-esteem and financial affairs of players.

    No More Deceptive ‘Risk Free’ Offers

    The Daily Telegraph newspaper released a report on the new regulations by the CAP. Promotions that advertise ‘money-back’ guarantees need to include a monetary refund instead of a bonus. The regulations include that  ‘risk-free’ offers mustn’t carry any potential monetary loss

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    The Daily Telegraph concluded by saying the new rules will include additional guarantees. These constitute that stake limitations are serious conditions when it comes to matched bet offers. As such, they should be advertised in advance.

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    Director for the Committee – Shahriar Coupal

    The biggest innovations put forth by the CAP will deal with the advertising of free bets. The Committee wants to put in a rule that will force operators to clearly list the terms and conditions linked to these offers. The Daily Telegraph used the example of a recent Ladbrokes advert. The ad promises a free bet up to £50 for all new players. According to the Committee, the operator never makes it clear whether this offer is a matched bet

    The director for the Committee Shahriar Coupal declared they won’t tolerate adverts that take advantage of people. This includes bonus offers and  free bets advertised through alluring images. He concluded the statement by saying the regulatory body intends to assess all evidence to bolster the existing protective measures. This should ensure that online gambling operators are held accountable.

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