UK National Lottery Creates Record Number of Millionaires

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    The past year was a good one for those playing the UK National Lottery. Although winning huge sums of money on the lottery is nothing new, in 2016 the UK National Lottery broke all the records, producing 347 brand new millionaires. Statistically speaking, there was barely a day in 2016 that someone wasn’t made a millionaire thanks to the Lottery.

    £862 Million in Prizes

    UK National Lottery logoDuring the past twelve months, the UK National Lottery paid out a total of £862 million in various prizes, which is slightly over one billion US dollars. It is interesting to note that the Lotter managed to break the record despite some changes that were introduced earlier.

    Namely, the number of balls was decreased from 59 to 49, which significantly impacted jackpot winning chances. Previously, those playing the lottery could expect to hit with the frequency of about 1 in 14 million. With these changes, the odd became significantly less favorable – 1 in 45 million.

    The Largest Payout to the Tune of £66 Million

    While many became millionaires in the UK in 2016, one lucky couple had special reasons for celebration. Namely, David and Carol Martin started the year with a bang when they claimed the EuroMillions jackpot worth whooping £66 million.

    Some seven months later, in July, there was another lucky EuroMillions winner. This time it went to the Davies family, who bloated their net worth by a total of £61 million. While it may have been only the second biggest win of the year in the UK, the Davies probably have no complaints about finishing “only” second.

    Some Fun Facts

    It would appear that driving a car for a living increases your likelihood of winning a big jackpot. During 2016, most winners were professional lorry or cab drivers. Make of it what you will, but perhaps there is something magical about that cab license.

    Most millionaires were created during September. There were 53 winners who took home seven-figure amounts after their numbers came up in the lottery draw.

    With the new year around the corner, we can expect the UK National Lottery to start creating a new set of millionaires real soon. It remains to be seen whether we are in for another record-breaking year, but one thing seems certain. If you are into the lottery, playing from the UK seems like a good idea.

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