United Bank of Africa Repeals Online Gambling Decision

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    Africa may not be known globally as one of the leading regions when it comes to online gambling, but it seems that Africans are in fact quite passionate about online gambling, as proven by a recent rage tantrum they threw against the United Bank of Africa when they decided to block online gambling activities for their customers.

    United Bank of Africa blocks Online Gambling

    United Bank of Africa Blocks Online Gambling Sites

    United Bank of Africa is one of the largest financial institutions in all of Africa and the largest Nigerian bank. The bank operates in Nigeria and 19 other African countries, while also operating European offices in London and Paris and a US office in New York City.

    Last Thursday, the bank decided to block the use of their prepaid cards in a number of online locations, after analyzing their data and realizing that a large number of Nigerian and African nationals were being defrauded at various websites. The list of websites that were blocked included sites selling jewelry, adult videos, escort services, lottery tickets and other products as well as dating sites and all types of online gambling sites, including casinos, poker sites, sports betting sites and others.

    The bank’s intentions surely had their customers’ best interests in mind as various reports tell us that African nationals have been targeted by fraudsters from Africa and the rest of the world in extremely large numbers. However, the customers themselves did not see it this way, and what ensued was a pretty brutal attack on all social media channels and the bank reportedly received thousands of emails from their angry customers.

    United Bank of Africa opens up Online Gambling

    Customer Anger Leads the Bank to Repeal Their Decision

    It is not every day that financial institutions succumb to pressure of the public opinion, but in the case of UBA’s decision on online gambling, this was the case. Angry Nigerian customers immediately took to social media and emails and started bombing the bank with disgruntled comments and messages. The huge amount of negative feedback led the bank to actually listen to what the customers have to say.

    Just 24 hours after imposing the ban, the bank issued another statement, ensuring their customers that the ban was lifted and that they could once again make deposits and purchases at any international sites they desire, including the adult content sites and online gambling sites. The bank also noted that they would keep an extra eye on a number of sites that they deem as potentially dangerous and would protect their customers to the best of their ability.

    This decision on UBA’s part was quite reasonable, as most would agree that customers should have the last say in what their financial institutions allow or do not. Perhaps this move by Nigerians can serve as a wakeup call to casino players worldwide who are being restricted from indulging in their favorite pastime, as it has clearly shown that even huge institutions have to listen when enough people come together.  

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