Video Poker Bonuses | Casino Bonuses For Video Poker Online

    Video poker bonusesAlthough video poker online isn’t as popular as online slots, there are still many people who love to play video poker. Video poker online and offline is one of a few games where players can find a slight edge if the conditions are right. Video poker bonuses go a long way towards making these games more profitable to play.

    Using certain strategies, combined with video poker casino bonuses, good players can make some money with video poker online machines. It still requires a lot of patience and some knowledge, but you’ll have much better chances than beating slots or roulette.

    How to Play Video Poker

    At first glance, video poker online might seem identical to online casino slots. You press the button and cards are dealt. There doesn’t seem to be much strategy involved. However, this is far from true. Depending on the variation, there are different strategies that you should apply when you play video poker.

    Knowing what cards to keep and when is the key to beating video poker online. The topic is too broad for us to cover in this article. There are many tutorials you can refer if you want to play video poker better. What’s important is the fact that proper strategies can make the games almost break-even or slightly favorable for a player. This will depend a lot on the video poker online variation, but you can find nearly all of them at various casinos.

    Enter Video Poker Casino Bonuses

    Once you’ve figured out the strategy, you need something to push that edge further. This is where video poker casino bonuses come in. If the game is only slightly against you, with good video poker bonuses, you should be able to turn the things around.

    Video poker bonuses can double or even triple your starting bankroll. If you are already close to break-even in a certain variation, this should be enough to help you make some money. Of course, things aren’t that simple. Those who play video poker online know that video poker bonuses can be quite hard to crack.

    Video Poker Bonuses & Wagering Conditions

    Playing video poker online to try and clear a bonus can be a real chore. Some casinos will not even issue video poker bonuses. This means that no video poker wagers will count towards clearing the wagering requirements.

    At most online casinos, however, you’ll be able to get video poker casino bonuses. These should help you boost your bankroll, but you need to play video poker for a significant amount of time. The reason is simple. For the most part, you won’t find a casino counting more than 5% of your video poker online wagers.

    Arm Yourself with Patience

    If your plan is to play video poker online to clear the bonus, you better arm yourself with patience. Clearing video poker casino bonuses will take some time. You’ll have to deal quite a few hands before your video poker bonuses move to your available balance. With wagering contributions of only 5% of your total bet, video poker online will make you work for your money.

    However, if your primary goal is making money, then you should definitely consider video poker online machines. While video poker casino bonuses are harder to clear, your winning chances are much better. Learn all you need to know to play video poker properly and start building that bankroll. Find good video poker bonuses and, after a while, you should be able to earn some nice pocket money. Video poker online might not make you rich, but it can help you treat yourself to something nice!