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    Video pokerVideo poker rivals even slot machines at most online casinos for sheer popularity and excitement. The two game types actually have quite a bit in common including their basic structure and gameplay as well as their basic gaming platforms. In fact, the earliest slot machines that were around in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s closely resembled modern video poker machines in so far as they also made use of standard poker playing cards, and had around ten playing cards on each of their five reels. The earliest slot games also borrowed the scoring system from poker in a five card hand, the quality of the hand ultimately determined the prize that could be won.

    History Of Video Poker

    The first real video poker type machine was introduced by a company called Dale Electronics in 1970 and was placed in all of the top Las Vegas casinos. Unfortunately the game did not really appeal to the more traditional casino gamblers at the time and was considered a bit too out of place in the more traditional brick and mortar casinos. However, five years later a man named William ‘Si’ Redd got an idea for an all new style video poker machine and he pitched the idea to his employers at the time, a very well-known gaming company called Bally Gaming.

    Bally was however not prepared to take any risks on a new sort of machine that moved away from their highly successful casino slots business and they allowed Si Redd to keep the patent to his new invention. Many today consider the decision made by the Bally Gaming executives to be one of the biggest business blunders in the entire history of the casino gaming industry. Si Redd successfully patented his video poker idea and partnered with another slots company called Fortune Coin Company in Nevada to ultimately form SIRCOMA or Si Redd’s Coin Machines.

    SIRCOMA became one of the most recognisable coin operated gambling machine brands, not just in Las Vegas, but all over the world too.

    It wasn’t until 1970 that Dale Electronics introduced the first video poker machine. It was dubbed Poker-Matic and was installed in virtually every casino in Las Vegas at the time. It did not, however, become a big hit. SIRCOMA began to mass produce the video poker machines and, by the beginning of the nineteen eighties, the game was one of the most popular in brick and mortar casinos. The first SIRCOMA machines featured a minimum of two pairs to win in a Draw Poker but later video poker games featured a minimum winning hand of jacks or better which helped to dramatically increase the popularity of video poker.

    Video Poker machinesOne of the main reasons why video poker became so popular was because many visitors to brick and mortar casinos were novices and felt quite intimidated by many of the complicated looking table games on offer. They preferred to stick to slot machines but when online video slots were introduced, many players felt that they couldn’t trust the non-mechanical reels. Video slot machines used ‘virtual’ reels instead and video poker used ‘virtual playing cards’. This similarity actually helped players to get used to and accept the new technology behind both game types and it gave players who felt intimidated by table games, the choice of two different coin operated gaming styles.

    Incidentally, Si Redd eventually took his SIRCOMA brand public and changed the name to one that is now familiar to millions around the world, International Gaming Technology or IGT for short. The advent of the internet and the dramatic advances in digital design technology saw an entirely new life being born for online video poker and today there are hundreds of cutting edge online video poker games to choose from at just about every leading online casino on the net.

    Rules For Playing Video Poker Online

    Online video poker is very easy to play which is why they are just as attractive as slot machines are. The one big difference between the two is that video poker still allows for a bit of strategic decision making while slots are based on pure luck. You can find many different variation of online video poker at online casinos but ultimately all video poker games still follow the same basic set of rules and gameplay. Video poker uses standard five card poker hands and every game will include an in-depth pay table illustrating all of the possible hand combinations of that particular game as well as their corresponding winning totals.

    To begin playing, click on the coin size or bet size that you would like to play with and then click on bet. The game will deal five cards to you and you can then examine the cards to determine which ones will make up a winning hand and which ones will not. You can then choose to discard any or all of the cards that you feel do not add any value to your hand and the game will replace the discarded cards with new ones. The process is entirely random and you can now see whether your final hand is worth anything based on the corresponding pay table and your hand card combination.

    Tips For Playing Video Poker

    While video poker is easier to play than traditional table poker, it is still important to approach the game with a good strategy. A good tip is to learn how basic poker hands work as well as the hierarchy of poker hands. This will help you to easily identify poker hands quickly and make decisions that will result in more wins more often. It is also important to play each type of video poker game according to its inherent strengths or features, for example, Jokers Wild features jokers that can substitute other cards to make winning combinations quickly. In this case, jokes should never be discarded. Each game will have similar strengths and special features so look out for them in the pay table before you start playing.

    Popular Video Poker Games

    There are hundreds of really great online video poker games to choose from across all leading online casinos. If you are new to the world of online video poker then the following popular games are a good place to start:

    • Jacks or Better
    • Deuces Wild
    • Joker’s Wild
    • Aces and Faces
    • All American Poker

    Software Providers For Video Poker Online

    Of course when we think of popular software providers for online video poker games, the very first brand that springs to mind is International Gaming Technology or IGT, the original SIRCOMA Company and inventor of the video poker games that we know today. Other notable online video poker game providers include Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG), Cryptologic and Playtech.