Launches an Innovative YouTube Campaign with Pa Ville Veier Series

    Videoslots Launches YouTube Campaign thumb is already one of the most recognized names in the world of online casinos. This online gambling operator has been leading the way in terms of number of slots they offer to their players, and just recently, the casino has celebrated the launch of the 2,000th title on their gaming platform.

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    Videoslots Launches YouTube Campaign

    But, for guys and girls at, the work never ends, as there are always new players out there they want to attract and turn them into their loyal customers. Their latest marketing effort saw them joining the YouTube waters with a funny mini-series called Pa Ville Veier (“On the Wild Road”).

    Staring Dangfart Tønnessen

    The new YouTube series has one Dangfart Tønnessen as the lead actor. If you aren’t from Norway, this name might not mean much to you, but Tønnessen has actually become insanely viral on his social media channels, especially Facebook. Dangfart is, in fact, an imaginary character of a lively 88-year old man played by a 20-year old. It all started out as a simple joke, but got out of control – in a good way – very quickly.

    For, Dangfart Tønnessen is an excellent ambassador, and his character appearing in this new show should give them a lot of additional exposure. In the show, Dangfart tries to travel to Førde, where he wants to play in the NM in Tomobla. However, as it usually happens, the series of funny events causes him to stray off his path and end up in the UK.

    We don’t want to spoil things for you too much here, but it suffices to say the series is really funny, and there are already two episodes out on YouTube, so make sure to check them out.

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    Thinking Outside the Box

    With this latest effort, has once again shown they are capable of really thinking outside the box and keep up with the latest trends. Not only that the casino is fully utilizing the power of YouTube to reach out to new players, but they’ve also engaged a social media sensation to help them do it.

    Videoslots Launches YouTube Campaig facebook likes

    The number of Facebook views on Pa Ville Veier trailer and the first two episodes has been quite impressive. Almost 100,000 people checked out the trailer, and it is a clear indication that has, once again, hit the nail on the head with this project. It may be different and even somewhat extraordinary, but it clearly works, so kudos!

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