Videoslots to Expand Its Gaming Operation Acquiring PKR

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    Videoslots, one of the leading brands in the online casino market, seems intent on expanding the scope of its operations. At the moment, Videoslots is one of the richest online casinos in terms of the number of slots on offer. Now, Malta-based company is looking into purchasing defunct online poker brand PKR.

    Videoslots Acquiring PKR

    Market Pioneer that Couldn’t Hold

    PKR was the only true 3D online poker room around. From the very beginning, the company had a different vision in mind. Unlike other online poker rooms, they wanted to offer a unique kind of experience to their players. With the full 3D environment and various customization options, PKR players were getting an experience that was close to actual live poker.

    However, despite the vision, PKR started having problems with the player liquidity. The room simply couldn’t attract enough players interested in this unique experience. A majority of players were more interested in getting in as many hands as possible in an hour.

    Videoslots Acquiring PKR room

    PKR tried to resolve these problems by joining Microgaming Poker Network. They thought this might help them bring more players, as they became a part of a large network with many rooms already in. This didn’t happen, though, as they became just another room on MPN, possibly losing some of its uniqueness in the process as well.

    Finally, in May, PKR had to throw in the towel. The site first went under with no explanation, leaving many players in fear. A few days later, the company came out with the statement explaining the situation, but also announcing they’d be closing the shop.

    The problem of outstanding balances was a large issue as PKR entered administration, but PokerStars took care of that part, paying all PKR players in full and transferring them over to their client. As for PKR, its destiny remained a mystery until today.

    What Can Videoslots Do for PKR?

    According to Alexander Stevendahl, Videoslots will be purchasing PKR’s online poker technology and launching their unique 3D poker room. This is great news for all PKR fans out there. It was really unclear if anyone would be interested in PKR after they went bankrupt. Luckily, people behind Videoslots recognized the uniqueness and the potential of the room.

    Videoslots Acquiring PKR Alexander Stevendahl

    Alexander Stevendahl, Videoslots CEO

    Exact plans Videoslots has for PKR are unclear at this point in time. What is certain is that the company wants to expand into the world of online poker as well. Doing it through a well-established and quality software solution should help in achieving that goal.

    The company has already claimed its spot as one of the leading gaming sites. They’ve proven their dedication to the players, constantly adding new titles to their library of games. If their plans for poker come with the same level of dedication and innovation, we should expect a top quality product.

    For a while, there’s been an outcry in the poker community for a new online poker room. With the resources, trained staff, and the experience, Videoslots could position themselves as this new operator.

    Of course, it is still too early to make any predictions, but there is no doubt this is good news for all poker fans out there.

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