Viking Age Slot Review


    Viking Age Online Casino Slot

    Thanks to a long and rich history, Northern Europe has had its fair share of influence on various media, be it books, movies, TV shows, or in this case, online casino slots. This time the Vikings are loose and in search for adventure, gold, fame and immortality. You are invited to join them on their journey across sea and land, led by the female Viking Amma, who is as fearless as her male counterparts.

    Betsoft can proudly boast the Viking Age slot that takes you on a 3D-animated adventure with the opening sequence that won’t leave you hanging, literally. Betsoft enjoys a challenge and this time proves that they can take any influence and make a great online casino slot of it. This time it’s Norse mythology and the Viking Age, which make a great theme for an online casino slot.

    Design and Audio

    With the aforementioned opening sequence taking you on an adventure, Viking Age will show how well it implemented 3D animations into the game’s graphics, which run very fluidly and effortlessly. Of course, this is a classic Betsoft trait. Every single frame of the interface is commendable, every single detail of the backdrop and entire interface are remarkable, with attention paid to the main character Amma and her female curves.

    The audio is simply bombastic, with explosive sound effects entertaining players during each spin. This is the kind of music we’d expect from movies and excellent TV shows and Viking Age does its best to create a marvelous atmosphere during your online gambling adventure. I simply love the audio part here, maybe even more than the graphics, which are just plainly breath-taking.

    Gameplay & Features

    There is no standard Wild symbol in Viking Age, but bonus symbols like the Viking helmet, Amma and the arm wrestling will trigger the following bonus features:

    • The Arm Wrestling bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more of the Arm Wrestling Scatter symbol. This bonus feature will let you choose one of the 2 wrestlers and if you pick the winner of the competition, you will receive a large instant cash prize
    • The Runestone Doors to Valhalla are triggered when you land 3 or more Viking Helmet Scatters on the reels. This feature then lets you choose one of 3 symbols and receive one of 3 prizes – instant cash, free spins or a chance at the arm wrestling bonus round
    • The Free spins round is activated by landing 3 or more Amma Scatter symbols. This will take you to another set of reel with 2 additional reels featuring multipliers. Each winning combination you land with matching multipliers will award you a great number of coins


    Viking Age has striking graphics and amazing sound effects that make this a memorable online gambling experience with or without winning big. There are several very lucrative bonus features, like free spins, that are both exciting and pay well. If you haven’t been a fan of the Vikings, this online casino slot is sure to make you into one.

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