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    Background of Vikinglotto

    The wonderfully titled Viking Lotto was one of the first of its kind to be launched in Europe all the way back in 1993. The lottery is so named because it is essentially a cooperation between a number of different Scandinavian lotteries including the national lotteries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Viking Lotto is also commonly known throughout Scandinavia as “Onsdag Lotto” or “Wednesday Lotto”.viking lotto wednesday

    The weekly Viking Lotto draw is held in Norsk Tipping, Hamar every Wednesday evening with tickets costing around one Euro per combination chosen. This cost per combination is more or less the same throughout all the participating, predominantly Scandinavian countries. Interestingly, the main jackpot prize in the Viking Lotto is common to all participating member lotteries and is a combined sum of all combinations bought throughout participating member countries. However, the lower prizes, including second, third and so on, are decided on an individual or national level, decided by each participating nation as they see fit. This is in contrast to Euro Millions where all prize levels are common or shared by all participating countries or territories.

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    Viking Lotto was the very first multi-national lottery game in the world and came about to create the biggest possible jackpot prize for Scandinavian countries. The original Viking Lottery was launched in 1993 in Norsk Tipping, Hamar, Norway. Initially the Viking Lottery consisted of the original five Nordic countries, also known as the Viking Lotto bloc. The other aim of the pay-Scandinavian lottery was to also increase the turnover of each member country’s own lottery game.

    The original member countries, along with their national lotteries, were:

    • Lottery Norway – Norsk Tipping
    • Lottery Finland – Veikkaus
    • Sweden Lottery – SvenskaSpel
    • Denmark Lottery – Danske Spil
    • Iceland Lottery – Íslensk Getspá.

    In 2000, the Estonia Lottery Company joined the Viking Lotto bloc with its own Eesti lotto world wide

    In 2011 two more countries joined the Viking Lotto bloc:

    • Lottery Latvia – Latvijas Loto
    • Lithuania Lottery – Olifeja

    Today, Viking Lotto consists of eight member countries from Scandinavia and the so-called Baltic States:

    • Sweden
    • Norway
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Iceland
    • Lithuania
    • Latvia
    • Estonia

    However, the Viking Lotto is now also open to players from all over the world, thanks to legally licensed web-based vendors who can sell tickets for the Viking Lotto, giving people from all over the world a crack at the jackpot prize.

    Number of Players

    Considering that eight member countries have players participating in the local lotto as well as the combined jackpot prize, most weeks see over five million players. Add the fact that players from all over the world can now also play Viking Lotto and the numbers double.

    Average Prize Pool

    viking lotto cash poolThe average prize pool for Viking Lotto is usually always massive and the largest single jackpot win to date was recorded in 2013 when a Norwegian player managed to win 216 million. However, current estimated jackpot figures are around 230 million with a rollover pushing this figure upwards to an incredible 252 million (March 2017).

    Take a look at the following brief table which shows the four biggest jackpot prizes won in Viking Lotto over 2013/2014 draw periods:

    1. 216,125,520 kr (Troms) 2013
    2. 127,646,660 kr (Møre and Romsdal) 2014
    3. 115,901,290 kr (Akershus) 2013
    4. 106,577,325 kr (Buskerud) 2013

    Winnings change/Rollover

    Whenever the Viking Lotto main prize pool is not won, it will rollover to the following draw which often creates massive jackpot totals as described in the previous section. In the Viking Lotto, the “lucky number” draw is also a rollover if it is not won and will be added to the following weeks separate lucky number draw.

    How to Playviking lotto how to play

    The Viking Lotto uses a 48 number grid (1-48), with players having the chance to select any six numbers from this grid or matrix. A player that manages to pick all six correct numbers will win the first division prize which is the Viking Lotto jackpot. There are also two additional numbers which can be selected from the same card or 48 number matrix. These two are also drawn after the initial six numbers are drawn for the jackpot prize. The two additional numbers are used to determine winners for the lower tier prizes in the Viking Lotto.

    Players entering the Viking Lotto are also automatically entered into a special “lucky number pot” which is free. This is an additional prize over and above the main Viking Jackpot game. The winning “Lucky Number” is drawn by random number generators before the main Viking Lotto draw takes place. However, Sweden with Svenska Spel does not offer this additional lucky number draw option.

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