What are the types of casino bonuses available online?

    One of the biggest advantages to playing at online casinos, as opposed to the real-world options you might find in your hometown, is the fact that nearly all of them will reward you with casino bonuses for choosing them over their competitors. This has become the cornerstone of the online casino market and being knowledgeable about what types of casinos bonuses are available online casino ensure you end up choosing a casino or online sports betting site that is ideal for you. This page is dedicated to providing you with exactly that knowledge. Let’s take a look at the types of casino bonuses available online. If you wish to try casinos with a low amount of money you should try some £5 deposit casinos allowing you to play with only £5.

    Free Spins

    One of the most frequently found casino bonuses online is free spins. Free Spins are essentially credits which you can use on slot games at your casino. Of course, those who have played slot machine games before know that the currency for playing slots is spins which come out of your casino account balance. When you get free spins, it means that when you spin but no money is taken from your account balance and so you are spinning for free. Hence, the name free spins. These means that those free spins translate into a number of free goes playing the slot game they are designated on.

    Most free spins will be offered at online casinos will usually a part of a welcome deal given to you as a thank you for choosing their casino. In order to claim them, you will simply need to meet the casinos minimum deposit amount  However, they are also frequently found as rewards that can be redeemed later down the line in the form of a recurring deal that might occur on a monthly, weekly, or sometimes daily basis, which the exact deals in how you can make yourself eligible differing from deal to deal.

    Free Spins are given in lumps sums of between 25-100, but often they can higher or lower than this depending on the casino. Of course, they can also only be used on slot games so if you are a fan of table games, live casino games, or betting on sports, they aren’t massively useful for you.

    Cash Bonus

    Cash bonuses are likely even more popular than free spins in the current casino climate. The way these work is that a casino will outline a percentage amount of bonus cash given to you reflective of the deposit you make. To make this a little bit clear, the following example should help. If the casino offers you a 100% bonus up to $100, it will mean that whatever money you deposit will be matched by 100%. As such, doubling your money, and giving you $200 to play with in total. $100 of your own money and $100 in bonus cash. The maximum amount given to you in the deal is the specified “up to” amount. As such, if you deposit $100 and receive the 100% bonus, then you will reach the limit. With even if you deposit $110, you will still only earn yourself $100.

    These deals come in all shapes and sizes though. With many casinos offering larger amounts like 200% or even 300%, and sometimes lower amounts, such as 25%, 50% or 75%. It is all reflective of the casino and the deal in question. Again, these are very frequently found in the form of a welcome bonus, which may include cash bonus rewards that continue over three or four deposits. For example, you might get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, 200% on your second deposit, and two consecutive 50% bonuses on your third and fourth deposits. Thus, rewarding you for several visits to their site. There will also often be reload bonuses in place, where you can refuel your account later down the line with more cash bonuses.

    The beauty of these is that they give you more freedom as they are usually not restricted to just one game, and you can use them on all the games the casino offers.

    Free Bets

    Free bets are usually found in online sportsbooks, but you can also get free bets for live casino games too. The way they work is that they will give you a free bet to use reflective of doing something on the site, for example, making your first deposit. This will then give you a free wager to place on a sporting event or casino game of your choice, with no risk on your part as the bet is of course, free, and courtesy of the casino. At some casinos, they may give you a number of free bets to use of a certain value, or they can also give you free bets up to a certain amount.

    When it comes to free bets, a common variation is a risk-free-bet. These offer the same basic concept but vary in the reward. In these cases, a risk-free-bet would ask you to place the wager with your own funds. The free bet would then only come into effect if you lost the bet, and so you would then get your wagered money back, hence it is risk-free. Whereas if you were to win, then you would simply take your winnings as normal. Remember when it comes to free bets, there will often be minimum odds or maximum winnings, so don’t think you can take advantage of a sure thing to guarantee a win.


    Another common bonus is cashback. This will ensure that you get some the money you have spent at a casino back. Depending on the deal, the way the cashback works will be different. You might, for example, be eligible to get a percentage of your lost cashback at some casinos, while others, it might be that you will get a percentage of all the money you have spent, win or lose, back. As such, this provides you with your winnings and your original bet back also.

    Often though, casinos will use the former example as the model. These may be offered every now and then by casinos, or they may be an on-going bonus that you can take advantage continuously throughout your time at the casino. In the case of a welcome bonus, the system will usually be that you are given a percentage of the money you spend over your first week at that casino back.

    No Deposit and No Wagering Bonuses

    When it comes to bonuses, there are a few things that you should consider. Firstly, unless the bonus says it is a no deposit bonus, then usually it will not be completely free. This means that you will need to deposit in order to claim the bonus. If there is a no deposit deal though, then that is even better as it will give you access to the deal without you needing to spend anything. As a result of this, all the funds that you win via the deal will all be sweet profit for you to enjoy. The other thing to consider also is that unless the casino bonus says “no wagering” requirements, then you will also have wager the funds you have claimed or won a set number of times before you can withdraw the funds. Both of these elements and other terms and conditions listed by the bonus need to be considered before you claim them.


    Casino bonuses are incredibly helpful to you as a player, permitting you to make a calculated decision ahead of using them and don’t rush into many of them. Consider the best ones for you as a player and read the T&Cs  (these must always be specified by the casino and respect UKGC rules) you claim, to ensure you are making the best use of the casino bonuses offered to you.

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