What Next for Online Casinos After the Historic Supreme Court Decision on Gambling?

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    What Next for Online Casinos After the Historic Supreme Court Decision on Gambling?

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    Soon after the Supreme Court Decision of May 2018 that struck down the 1992 federal law that effectively restricted most states from formulating regulations to legalize sports betting and gambling, the lay of the land has changed some. For instance, the state of New Jersey, which was the key proponent of the court case that challenged the law, now leads the pack of states that have laws that legalize several forms of gambling.


    The developments are interesting, especially considering that sports betting was the bone of contention. However, and for the risk of not looking the gift horse in the mouth, the change in regulation has also come with an increased number of online casinos operators from elsewhere looking at the American market with glee again.

    Not Quite a Clear Coast Yet!

    Still, the coast is not very clear, especially with regards to the Wire Act. What happens when someone wants to play casino games offered by a vendor who is domiciled in a different state? Can you, say, a New Jersey resident, sneak a few games of the blackjack side bets on a live dealer casino licensed in West Virginia, for instance?


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    Such a scenario does not have a direct answer since there is a lot at play. For starters, the court’s ruling on Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association has brought good news but with a dash of consternation in certain instances. It may have ruled that a federal statute was in violation of the 10th Amendment by restricting certain states from creating laws that allow certain forms of gambling. On the other hand, it brought to the surface, the problems associated with gambling that the American public has shied away from for the longest time.

    Dissecting the Decision

    In order to evaluate the future of online casinos in such a highly litigated economy, it is important to first understand the meaning of the Supreme Court decision. Though the ruling declared Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act to be in contravention of the law, it fell short of changing the legality of betting on sports anywhere in the US. However, it gave these states the ability to craft legislation that will authorize and regulate the activity within their jurisdiction.


    This freedom is what the online casinos are tapping on. Most gambling brands operating online offer an assortment of products; in most cases, online casinos augmented with poker rooms, sports betting sections and even bingo. A brand setting up shop in a state with the necessary legislature, as such, would want to introduce all products to the target population. This provision is the hidden hand that stands to spur the growth of online casinos in the US.


    Take the case of New Jersey, for instance, since the decision, more than fifteen new brands have come and set up shop. These brands came with the ruse of introducing their sports betting products but have since introduced online casino games and other add-ons.


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    Are Other Factors at Play?   

    Even when related legislation was not at play, online casinos in the US grew robustly. The bloom may have to do with how the industry embraced and made the most of technological innovations. Even now, this trend goes on unabated. Such a character defining the online casino industry’s resilience points to its sustained burgeoning in the future even in the face of a contradicting legislative environment.


    Better still, technology itself is evolving and with the advancement comes even better innovation that online casinos are not shy to try. As such, it is safe to say that online casinos are here to stay and will probably brave anything through at them because of their adaptive nature. Good laws will obviously help their cause but the adversarial legislature, on the other hand, may never bring them to a halt. So, if you are in the US and are an online casino goer, rest assured you will enjoy your pastime for a long time to come.

    In wrapping

    Online casinos seem to have benefited from the Supreme Court decision that created room for states to create legislation that allows sports betting. While this development plays a huge part in defining the future of these casinos, their resilience, and adaptability also a significant role in ensuring that they outlive the naysayers.


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