When Pigs Fly Slot Game Review

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    Pigs may not be flying anytime soon, but that didn’t stop one of the best-known online casino slot machines provider to create an online casino game where they do. The NetEnt’s team of slot machines designers showed all their creativity and sense of humor once again with their When Pigs Fly slot machine.

    While NetEnt does have a couple of similar slot machines in their stock, When Pigs Fly slot is not your typical online casino slot. The grid and the gameplay provide unique online gambling experience, fully appropriate for the title chose for this online casino game.

    When Pigs Fly Slot Graphics & Sounds

    Set on a backdrop of what is supposed to be a pig space station, When Pigs Fly slot surprises with a unique and funny approach. The symbols, apart from the slot machines usual 10 through A, are various pigs ready for the space mission. On the right side of the screen, there is pig counting down to the launch and free spins mode. With every step you get closer, the pig gets that much more excited, and you can’t help but laugh while pursuing your online gambling wins.

    The sound is intense and would be more appropriate for a more serious online casino game. But NetEnt wanted to achieve a funny effect by combining serious music with a funny theme, and they hit home with this casino online game. When Pigs Fly slot is certainly one of their most unique slot machines.

    When Pigs Fly Slot

    Gameplay & Features

    As mentioned, When Pigs Fly doesn’t belong to the standard group of slot machines. Instead of the usual grid, it starts off with a 1-3-5-3-1 setup. That means that initially, you’ll have a few paylines at your disposal, limiting your online gambling wins.

    However, as soon as you start your online gambling adventure with When Pigs Fly casino online slot, you’ll realize the first impression is deceiving. Every time you hit a payline, reels of this online casino slot will expand. If you connect six wins in a row, you will get a full 5×5 grid with 3,125 ways to win. Additionally, you will trigger the free spins round. You won’t find many slot machines with 3,125 ways to win, so get ready for a completely different casino online experience.

    While free spins don’t have to pay big with various slot machines, When Pigs Fly can really pay huge. With so many ways to win, there will hardly be a spin during free spins not paying quite handsomely. If you find a few Wilds in right places during free spins, combined with a few higher paying symbols, get ready for a truly memorable online gambling moment.

    When this online casino slot pays big, it’s massive. You’ll see your online gambling bankroll swell in a matter of seconds with the When Pigs Fly casino online slot. Triggering free spins is not easy, as it takes six consecutive wins, but it is well worth the wait. Unlike many online casino slot machines out there, this casino online game is almost guaranteed to reward your patience.

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