Who Spun It Slot Review


    Who Spun It Online Casino Slot

    With Who Spun It? Betsoft has developed one of the more entertaining and creative 3D animated online casino slots you will find anywhere. Never one to shy away from putting all the best in their online video slots, the folks at Betsoft have packed this wonderfully entertaining game with astounding animations and crystal-clear graphics that give an authentic air to the game’s action that.

    Who Spun It? never rests and there is never a dull moment. It is packed with activity from the moment you start. Definitely one of the more active games out there. Who Spun It? has all the great advantages of a video game and all the awesome base game and bonus features of a fantastic online casino slot. It is highly interactive and addictive, giving the player a chance to do more than just spin the reels and wait for winning combos. This is pure entertainment.

    Who Spun It Slot – Design and Audio

    It is hard not to repeatedly point out the intricate graphics of this game and the fun it provides to anyone enjoying sharp animations and life-like characters brought to life. The graphics make the slot’s theme even more realistic and create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Your eyes will enjoy every little detail and every move of the character brought to life with fascinating animations.

    The game’s audio conveys an authentic feel of the mystery involved around the murder. The whole game becomes a real game of cat and mouse, and even more realistic with the ticking clock above the reels. The cryptic sound effects and melodies paired with the clock ticking do a great job of creating this suspenseful online gambling atmosphere. This is a whole new level when it comes to making realistic online casino slots.

    Gameplay & Features

    Like most video games, Who Spun It? has its share of innovative features that make it worth staying and playing. It has a ticking countdown clock that ticks down to the “Detective Mode”. This will require you to collect as many clues as possible before the countdown ends. This is incredible fun and mesmerizing experience, drawing you into the game. It gives you a chance to collect clues, inspect the location of the murder, and look for the murder weapon. It is an interactive online gambling experience that lets the slot’s theme come to life.

    The free spins round in this slot is triggered by landing 5 character symbols on the reels. Once this bonus round is activated, you will have to select one of the characters, each with their own abilities, offering extra Wilds, extra spins or extra multipliers for the duration of the free spins round. No need to say this makes it look even more like an interactive video game.

    On top of these amazing features, Who Spun It? also has the remarkable “Double up” bonus round, which will let you play heads or tails with Mr. Wellington. Guess right and you can double your winnings, guess wrong and you lose it all. This feature is simple but very addictive once you start playing it.


    I can easily say this is one of the most playful, entertaining, creative, astonishing and well done online casino slots I have ever played. Even if you don’t play for real cash, Who Spun It? offers an incredibly fun experience nonetheless. But the chance to make some real cash will make it even more action-filled and adventurous. This is how online slots should be. Simply perfect!

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